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Jun 13, 2009 05:08 AM

Princeton NJ Booster Juice Closed

Walked by here the other day, this place was located on Nassau Street, had newspapers in the window, seems closed.

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  1. that must have been during the past few days, as it was open last week?

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    1. re: Caralien

      Wow, that was quick. It wasn't there too long!

      1. re: lauren75

        It was a good concept, but not quite the right formula for Princeton I guess. Sometimes this town is tough to figure out. Over-priced juice had a chance, and I bet if it had been an actual Jamba Juice, it would have done better because of the brand.

        Someone needs ot open an inexpensive gourmet street-Mexican restaurant. Perhaps a Hoagie Haven clone, but Mexican. You could sure find the ingredients and plenty of locals who are familiar with the food. Could even be a hole-in-the-wall to save money on rent, but I'll put my money on the table, that would do great in Princeton.

        1. re: frackit

          so would a great Vietnamese joint. Same idea as your hole-in-the-wall-Mexican. Maybe not as many locals with the background, but boy, it would probably be popular. I did hear a rumor that there was a vietnamese joint possibly opening, but now can't recall if it was going to be a branch of Vietnam from Philly, or Pho An Dao, just up 27... Any truth to that rumor?

          1. re: brownie

            there are no good Vietnamese restaurants in the Northeast - period, end of story. Not sure why as there could be, but all great Asian food is the West - KaliforNia! to my regret.

            1. re: brownie

              Pho anh dao gave me a terrible headache; I won't go back.

              Pho 99 is better (same mall as Great Wall Supermarket).

              Pho in Philadelphia is supposed to be good, but that's 50 miles away. We plan to stop at one en route to another concert.

              Great Wall Supermarket
              3151 State Route 27, Franklin Park, NJ

              1. re: Caralien

                I ate at Pho 99 it so so. Can anyone recomment cook by vietnamese chef not Maxican cooking

                13633 Connecticut Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20906

            2. re: frackit

              I would be happy with a taco truck, a middle eastern cart, or fried chicken (Chuck's only serves wings).

              Chapin is the closest I've found to relatively inexpensive but good Mexican/Guatamalan, and is certainly a hole-in-the wall. I shouldn't be surprised that the trend towards Chinese+Mexican hasn't caught on here yet (the Mexican+Indian place, on the other hand, is very greasy)

              Ice cream seems to work very well here. Bent Spoon, Thomas Sweet (2 locations), Halo, and the newest entry, Twist (underneath the yoga studio). Ricky's might also sell ice cream, but the music is awful.

              1. re: Caralien

                I like the idea of Vietnamese or Middle Eastern too! Seems to me any would do well, as long as they stay inexpensive.

                Chapin is great, but a little too far out to walk to from town. Plus the last 2 times I've been in, I was told they were "out of chicken". Since I don't eat pork or beef, that's a show stopper. It's not like running out of banana's or something..chicken is sort of your base ingredient for a large percentage of the menu. So I don't even try Chapin anymore.

                1. re: frackit

                  Local pho? I would be there, regularly. Cha gio. Goi cuon? That too.

                  Or a decent Indian place. The current ones have their fans (who, for the most part, seem to place quantity over quality IMHO), but we drive to Abhiruchi for that fix. I simply can not allow myself a bad meal here, at any price.

                  If I do break one rule (getting a fryer), a few places will lose us as customers. The only problem is that I would need a fryer large enough to hold a flounder. Unless, of course, I revert back to eating only locally sourced and sustainable food, which would prevent the flounder from being on our menu. :(

                  1. re: Caralien

                    A Vietnamese place in Princeton would be a VERY welcome addition. Bahn Mi and Pho would be heaven and I think would do very well.

                    1. re: Bossa_Nova

                      add bun, shakes (with or without bubbles)...

            3. re: lauren75

              Just to confirm, did ring them up on the tele the other day and the number listed on the Internet was in fact disconnected.

              1. re: shabbystorm

                I've heard it's still papered up. None of the signage has come down yet.

          2. Good news: place will reopen

            Bad news: will reopen as yet another frozen yogurt place. As though Thomas Sweet 1 & 2, Bent Spoon, Halo, Twist (opened in Spring 2009), Ricky's, and Booster Juice--which it will replace in the same location--haven't supplied Princeton Borough with enough frozen yogurt.