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Jun 12, 2009 09:13 PM

Gare du Nord lunch help

After a short stay in Paris, my husband and I are catching a 3pm train to Amsterdam from Gare du Nord. We would love to have lunch at a cafe close to the train station. Any suggestions for a place that's yummy but not too formal? Your input would be most appreciated!

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    1. re: souphie

      Thanks for the suggestion. I checked on google and map and it seems to be a 40 min walk. Possibly anything closer?

        1. re: yiting

          I can assure you that Chez Michel is not a 40 min. walk from Gare du Nord; even an escargot could beat that. I guess it is maybe 200 yards and is just around the corner. However', as stated by Dodo, Terminus Nord is directly across the street , is pretty and has nice shell fish platters and typical brasserie dishes.

          1. re: yiting

            Google Maps is looking for one of the over 50 businesses named Chez Michel in Paris.

            1. re: yiting

              Try again. Chez Michel, restaurant, 10, rue de Belzunce

          2. You could try out Taverne des Flandres, about a block away. Should be decent; certainly not pricey. I have only had drinks there, seemed OK.

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