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Jun 12, 2009 09:07 PM


Gonna be visiting my grandson who is interning in Naperville. We would like to take him and his gal to dinner. We'll be there four days or so and plan on taking a tour of Chicago (66 yrs old and never been there - very excited). Any good chow places around Naperville??
Did I mention that we're excited about seeing Chicago???

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  1. You need to specify what you mean by "good chow places" - it is too broad. Looking for upscale restaurants, sushi, Italian, what??

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      As far as ethnicity, about anything goes but we still lean toward traditional steak, fish etc. but love Italian also and grandson likes sushi. Price range $$$. Also could use some breakfast recs.
      Thank you

    2. for naperville, i really enjoy texas roadhouse. it has good ribs, steaks, and bread. i'm not sure how you feel about chain italian, but for family dinner, maggiano's family-style menu can be fun.

      1. There are many restaurants in the Naperville area. We haven't eaten there in a while so my recs may be sIightly dated but I like La Sorella Di Francesca right downtown. Food is good, (I had a burnt caramel ice cream once that was just wonderful), but it does get LOUD in there at dinner. Too loud, at times.

        La Sorella Di Francesca
        18 W Jefferson Ave. Naperville, IL

        There's a tapas restaurant that is probably more fun than Francesca's situated in the former home of a wealthy Naperville physician, I think. Thankfully, the home wasn't gutted and you will be seated in one of several rooms of the house. Your group discusses the menu, shares food, it's just fun and relaxed. I'm not sure how popular it is on this board but I always have a really good meal there. I've seen your posts, you know how to order. I think kids of intern age would enjoy the experience. Especially on Grandpa's dime. ;


        Meson Sabika
        1025 Aurora Ave. Naperville, IL 60540

        I have not been but our son likes Kiku for the Hibachi-style meal. That could be fun, too. He doesn't eat sushi, though, so no info there. Anyone have experience with Kiku?

        Kiku Japanese Steakhouse
        2764 Aurora Ave Naperville, IL 60540

        Egg Harbor downtown has good breakfast.

        Egg Harbor Café
        175 W Jackson Ave. Naperville, IL

        Do you know what part of Naperville you'll be staying in? I stuck to downtown area recs but Naperville is pretty big these days.

        Enjoy Chicago! It is a * wonderful * city. Take the Chicago Architecture Foundation's River Boat Tour if there's time.

        Naperville hounds, are these recs hopelessly outdated?

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          Since you mention $$$, I assume a high-price meal would not be out of the question. If so, I recommend Sugar Toad in the Arista Hotel just east of Route 59 and north of I-88. Food is outstanding, service is impeccable. Price range for 3 people probably $150-200.

          I agree with above post that La Sorella di Francesca is a good Italian place with items not found on many other menus (lentil and spinach appetizer is good). It shouldn't be too noisy on a weeknight. Maggiano's is not in downtown Naperville, but is a good alternative for more traditional Italian.

          Meson Sabika on Aurora Ave is worth trying and Macarena Tapas about a mile or so west on the same street, almost at the corner of Aurora Ave and Route 59 does a good job with tapas.

          Others in downtown Naperville to try: Hugo's Frog Bar for your steak, or Ted's Montana Grill for same. Catch 35 is good for seafood and they offer 1/2 price oysters each night Monday to Friday.

          For sushi, we are very partial to Sakura in the Iroquois Mall on Ogden Ave. They offer an all-you-can-eat specia every nightl for $20 per person (AYCE at lunch is $14.95) and you select from the menu (not a buffet, they bring you what you order). Their spring rolls are a delight and their creative sushi choices are worth trying, especially their daily specials.
          Also in Iroquois Mall is City Club (good American food, nice atomosphere) and Joy Yee Noodles (no atmosphere but an enormous menu of oriental dishes to choose from - Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese), where you will eat 4-5 completely different dishes and spend $50-70 if you also try their fruit drinks (non-alcoholic but made with fresh fruits).

          Let us know where you wnt on your visit when it ends.

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            Kiku is an excellent choice with a great atmosphere. They offer other menu items beside sushi and the hibachi is fun without being "cheezy". As for breakfast, Butterfields is a nice choice. (I think they are located off of Naperville Rd. - near Ogden.) It is less crowded thatnEgg Harbour (which i also like) and has big portions. Catch 35 is an option for seafood.
            Have fun!

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              All recommendations here are good. If you still need more, search this board for Western Suburbs. There is a huge thread that can help.

              1. re: Chicago Wine Geek

                There is an extensive thread here previously on Chowhound, as said, Naperville is pretty big and spread out.