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Jun 12, 2009 08:47 PM

Nassau Openings

Any word on the following:

1) Mi Ranchito, Mineola
2) Yummy Gyro, Williston Park
3) Trata, Roslyn - opening date?
4) Lemonleaf Thai, Mineola
5) Bar Frites, Greenvale (Wheatley Plaza) - opening date?
6) Tasty Crepe, Uniondale
7) Nick and Charley's Steakhouse, Williston Park
8) Sripraphai, Williston Park - opening date?

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  1. Yummy Gyro is very good. I've only bee there once, but the gyro was tasty and the owners were extraordinarily friendly.

    Sripraphai is what i am looking forward to. I get a daily update from one of my co-workers. Who lives a block or 2 away. She really doesn't understand what is going on there. She said they took a ton of dirt out of the building. I'm wondering if they dug out a basement. And the other day she thought maybe they were making some real progess as she saw a restaurant equipment truck outside, but at the same time they brought in a bulldozer!

    I'm interested in knowing the pricing for a Porterhouse for 2 at Nick & Charleys if anyone has been, and how the steak compared to Peter Lugers. My understanding is the owners or chef or someone came from Peter Lugers.

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    1. Yummy gyro is good. Nice, lemon potatoes...good chicken gyro, souvlaki. Also, good tsatsiki and spanakopita...garlicky. Nice addition.

      Mi Ranchito is open, but haven't been.

      Tasty Crepe is moving to the Country Glen Center, next to Ben's (Old Country and Glen Cove).

      2 more...Cupcake Corner, New Hyde Park Rd, GC and Luzzo's of in the old Macaroni Grill behind the Source Mall...a joint venture with Scotto, it's an offshoot of a well regarded NYC

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        Wow really? Luzzo's??? Seems pretty crazy considering its a small place in Manhattan (although I think their pizza is excellent). I can't see it working in such a large space as the old Macaroni Grill spot.

        1. re: razorramon

          Well, pizza on LI is a pretty good bet. Plus, I think Scotto knows how to make larger places work. Looks promising.

          Also, Mi Ranchito was a pleasant surprise...real, fresh tacos (I had fish, chicken - just cilantro and onion). Nice double flour tortillas, Mexican sodas. Looks promising right now.

        2. re: GCGuy

          Ah, this must be what happened to Tasty Crepes. I went by their Oak Ave location yesterday, and they were gone. (I did have a satisfying jerk chicken lunch at the very plain Jamaican Bickel in the same strip mall.)

          I did go to Tasty Crepes during the worst June rainstorm and had an apple crepe with ice cream. The (mostly Haitian) staff was very friendly and the ice cream was good enough, but I found the crepe quite unsatisfying. The method of crepe making combined with the batter recipe produced a rather tough crepe that had to be cut with a knife. It seemed more like a wrap than a crepe. The apple filling needed a pinch of salt or something to give it some punch, as well.

          1. re: GCGuy

            Wow, I'm surprised too about Luzzo's. Did they open yet in Westbury?

            1. I agree that Yummy Gyro is quite good. I was surprised to get such moist, tasty gyro from a place that I wasn't sure would be that busy. One of the other local Greek places never seemed to be busy, and is a restaurant although I always went there for take-out, has now changed names. It was Cypress Shish-kabob, but I just passed it (Hillside Ave) and the name changed.
              We had take-out from the Lemon Leaf on Mineola Blvd and I was disappointed. It was just ho-hum Thai, although I always like the one in Carle Place, haven't been in a while.
              There is another place on Willis, next to Yummy Gyro. It keeps changing names, I believe it is now Little Kitchen. They are only take-out, and their Thai is quite good.