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Jun 12, 2009 08:36 PM

Coffee in Chatsworth?

My work relocated to Chatsworth and I've been having trouble finding a good coffee shop. A rec for anything besides Starbucks is greatly appreciated!

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  1. I only know of one option in nearby Canoga Park, Rocky Roaster. I spent a few months on a project N of the 118/Topanga jct. and this was my daily detour for coffee!

    Rocky Roaster Coffee Shop
    7239 Canoga Ave, Canoga Park, CA

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    1. Muddhouse Coffee isn't bad either.

      Muddhouse Coffee
      22742 Roscoe Blvd, West Hills, CA 91304

      1. You might want to try Breeze's Bakery & Cafe at the corner of Topanga Canyon and Nordhoff next to Baja Fresh. I don't drink coffee but all the sweets I've tried from there have been delicious.

        1. Rocky Roasters has closed its physical location. :(

          I tried to stop by a place called Java Central today, in the shopping center at Lassen and Winnetka and it was CLOSED at 11am! What coffee place isn't open before noon? I swear it's Chatsworth's mission to get me to drink nothing but Starbuck's.

          I stopped into Breezer's but doesn't seem like their specialty is coffee. I asked what types of beans they had and the cashier replied "House Blend???" with a confused look in her eyes.

          I also tried the coffee at Frootsi, the yogurt place off Lassen and Topanga, and ... ick. Really really bad espresso.

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            Sad to hear that Rocky Roaster has closed, is there any excellent coffee ANYWHERE in the SFV?

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              I stopped by Barclay's Coffee and Tea today (in Chatsworth near Tampa and Nordhoof) for an espresso; it was not bad. They use their "Manhattan" coffee blend and not espresso beans but it's tasty enough and not burned *cough STARBUCKS cough*. They appear to have several different kinds of coffee you can order and they sell fresh-roasted coffee beans by the pound. They had 2 samples out to try - the chocolate chai (very good but very sweet!) and one of their house coffee blends. It was very watery and not too flavorful but it could have just been sitting in the thermos too long.

              A few months ago I tried Java Central which opened near the movie theater near Winnetka and Nordhoff and... BLECH!! I asked for my espresso in an espresso cup and the barista told me they didn't have any. Bad sign. And the espresso that I did get was bitter and burned.

              Back when I worked in Van Nuys I thought Java Groove was pretty good, though they only serve Illy coffee. Very good espresso and espresso drinks.

            2. re: maiweezy

              Java Centrale is indeed at the theater at Prairie/Winnetka and it is run by people who do not care about the customers or coffee. The only time I would consider this coffee house of pain is to grab an iced Americano with milk to take into the theater. Avoid otherwise.

              Java Centrale
              9201 Winnetka Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311