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Jun 12, 2009 08:32 PM

Cheap eats in San Diego

Going on a 3-day road-trip to san diego with some people. We are looking for good dinners. Nothing too expensive,but seafood, Korean, or Mexican are all welcome. Any suggestion? We are looking for stuff around the beaches and downtown. Thanks.

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  1. around the beaches I'd recommend the fresh fish plate at Cass St Bar In Pacific Beach, and fish tacos at South Beach in Ocean Beach, Sushi Deli for sushi downtown (hugely popular but not the best quality). For Mexican I would say Ortega's in OB, and Pokez DT.
    All these places have an affordable menu with pretty good food.
    For decent Korean I think you'll have to venture away from DT and the beaches. Most of the good Korean is in Clairmont and Kearny Mesas.