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Jun 12, 2009 07:56 PM

9 days hiking Forks, Port Angeles...need food recs.

Hey Hounds,
You have never let me down yet. I am doing a 9 day hike(day hikes with motels) in Olympic National Park and surrounding areas. I need recs for Forks and Port Angeles. Forks looks kinda bleak for a foodie but Port Angeles has Bella Italia and Victoria has Red Fish Blue Fish. What shouldn't I miss??

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  1. Sorry, to piggyback. I'm also going to this area. Especially looking for good crab places.

    1. Try Cafe Brio in Victoria. A foodie friend had dinner there a few months ago and loved the place. We tried to squeeze in on a Saturday night in April without a reservation but could not get a table. For a great traditional, big American breakfast, try the Oak Table Cafe in Sequim.

      If we go out to Forks, we pack a cooler. Really, if you find a decent restaurant, please post it.

      1. Hey..the hiking was amazing..the food..well....In Forks..not much except Ru's pizza..There was also a restaurant at Quileute ..served a decent salmon...With that being said...Red Fish, Blue Fish...the grilled oyster sandwich...holy crap....yum..