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Jun 12, 2009 06:48 PM

Good food near the jazz fest?

I'll be bringing my 18 yo son and friend to the jazz fest for a few days in early July. We'll be staying at Sofitel and would like reccomendations for good eats at reasonalble prices ($15-$30 pp)anywhere in between and definitely near the place des arts. We'll need breakfast, lunch and dinner spots. Thanks

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  1. I would walk to Chez Cora on Park ave just above Sherbrooke its a couple of blocks north of festival site and is a chain of breakfast restaurants started by a Quebecoise, colourful and good variety if looking for regular breakfast options, lots of fresh fruits sidedishes available , there are early bird specials (before 8am) and on weekends you could have a bit of a wait Festival site is short walking distance to chinatown which is small but animated on weekends and several recommendations have been made on site but half the fun is walking the pedestrian streets to see what is being sold. If you are here on Saturday you can get into La Ronde (6 flags) after 5pm for special fireworks show and all rides free, at a rate of $25 a person something 18 year olds might enjoy but you would have to reserve tickets as at that price they would go fast and limited in number If weather is good I would look into going to restaurants where they have terraces/patios such as jardin de panos on duluth for greek, jardin nelson (back terrace) if you are in old montreal, il cortile (hidden, inside terrace for Italian, very close to sofitel). I have tried le locale just a little west of touristy old montreal and found food good, i believe they now have a terrace. The cafe des ecluses in Old Montreal is fun for drinks, my children who are now adults love the swing chairs and suspended beds all outdoors. People do eat there but we have only had drinks and desserts both good. The cafe des eclusiers opposite the large silos on western part is quite close to le locale restaurant and all these restaurants are within your price range

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      Will definitely check some out. Thanks for the suggestions.

    2. Place des Arts/downtown isn't such a hotbed of food. Do try and explore the Plateau or, at the very least, walk up St-Laurent...loads of suggestions on where to eat can be found on this site. Make sure you check out Schwarz's. There's also a Chez Cora on Drummond just south of Ste-Catherine, which might be closer. It is a chain, though, so expect overpriced for mediocre food. I prefer Mr. Steer for breakfast, on Ste. Catherine just east of Drummond.

      1. Yu Hang on Rene Levesque and Jeanne Mance. Amazing Szechuan food and Its very close to the Jazz Fest.

        1. Looks like we may stay at the new Westin (great opening deals) near Old Montreal. Does that change any of the recs?