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Jun 12, 2009 05:57 PM

Boston Hound needs help-2 dinners

Hi i have 2 dinners to plan and have cruised the posts. There will be 2 of us on a business trip and we would like to be south of $250 all in with wine .Opentable seems to indicate that we can snag PS7, Proof, Cordouroy , Bistro Bis . In the past we have done PrimeRib, Kinkeads, and Ten Penh. No huge preferences re food but being from Boston wouldn't be looking for seafood or necessarily Italian. Have car will travel within DC limits Should I choose 2 of the 4 available and if so which 2 or what am I missing ..we eat everything ..thanks very much and happy to reciprocate if you come to Boston.

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    1. re: littlew1ng

      I second Proof. Central is also good. Have fun...

      1. re: chicken kabob

        Agree we have been to Central and liked it..looking for new. And coincidentally my DC just got email from TenPenh re extended Happy Hour with $5 buck appetizer plates and $5 cocktails and wine...we have a plan pre dinner !

        1. re: capeanne

          i'm telling you love, please do proof. it is far better than ten penh, though not really the same type of food it is just better all around.

          1. re: littlew1ng

            I have already just reserved Proof based on your immediate reply...thinking TenPenh for $5.00 cocktail hour before !! What would be your #2 ????

            1. re: capeanne

              #2 choice for dinner? hmmm. i would probably go for zola, equinox, oval room or olives.

              1. re: capeanne

                if you like Tenh Penh you should try Cieba, Jeff Tunks other restaurant which has a pan latin theme and is geat. He also has DC Coast (seafood) and Acadianna (Bayou theme). All are beautiful places with great food and good eye candy. my fav is Cieba

      2. Definitely go to PS7 - IMO you can't do better in their price range. I also really like Proof and Bistro Bis, but I've been more impressed by dishes at PS7. I haven't been to Corduroy yet but I hear great things...

        Also, I second the recommendation for Equinox. They are also having specials June, July, and August - 3 courses for $40 per person, which is an excellent deal.

        1. Very much appreciate the help.. Proof and Equinox booked. Promise I will report ...June 22, 23

          1. Hello fellow Bostonian!

            All the restaurants open on OpenTable are very good but I would personally go with PS7 and Corduroy (or Bistro Bis...for a different area of town and a different type of menu).

            A lot of those restaurants are a little similar though. If you want something totally different (and more affordable) you might want to try Ethiopian cuisine. I would go to Etete on U St. The plus side to this is you will also get to see a cool part of town with lots of fun bars (to get an after dinner drink).

            Another option would go for food and small plates at Cork (they don't take reservations though.)

            For excellent modern Indian and wine list (although on the louder end in my opinion) you can try the vibrant Rasika.

            And my favorite restaurant in town (next to PS7) is Central. You should call and see if they have reservation available even if there is nothing on OpenTable. It's one of the city's best and unlike anything I have found in Boston.