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Breakfast in Dallas

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Anyone have a breakfast place in Dallas that they love?

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      Mecca good. Original Pancake House and their Dutch baby, Cafe Brazil and the french toast or their crepes and a plethora of coffee choices. Dream Cafe and anything.

    2. During the week I really like "Original House of Pancakes" on Lemmon Avenue Eastbound between Mckinney and the Southbound Central Expressway service road. Sensational pancakes, the best omelette and hard to find, natural casing pork breakfast sausages. Their french roast coffee is terrific as well!

      But, my favorite Sunday "brunch" place is Deli-News on Preston Road at Cambell Road. They bring me back to my NYC roots with their excellent bagels and smoked fish dishes. And, they also serve Thumann's (brand) pork breakfast sausage in the natural casing.

      1. I posted on your other thread...but, I like the tacos at the Texaco on Inwood and Stemmons. The stand is 24 hours, but breakfast tacos are only available during the day (not sure what time). Mecca, All Good Cafe, and Taco Joint (I've never been) are really popular. For biscuits and gravy, my fave is Cliff Cafe. I don't think they have that much else going on, but a lot of folks really like that place. Also, a lot of the Mexican restaurants offer huevos dishes. Cuquita's has moved to a less convenient location, but they have breakfast all day starting at 8 AM. Maybe, some of the other Dallas Hounders know of other Mexican restaurants that serve breakfast. Migas with chorizo and warm tortillas are my all-time favorite breakfast dish.

        I tried to list breakfast places that are unique to Texas. If you are going to Austin, you have to try Cisco's. They serve their biscuits and fresh tortillas with butter in a bottle! LBJ ate there almost everyday.

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          Gonzalez on Jefferson is a fantastic choice for a delicious breakfast with a Mexican slant. Their flour tortillas are the best in town.

        2. Bz, When Ft Worth is only a 30 min. drive from downtown Dallas, why not visit the cowboy-side of D/FW -

          As in Paris Coffee Shop for breakfast - but I think they may close at around noon on Sat. and not even open on Sunday. The Rahr Brewery is about 1 mile away and does Sat., early afternoon tours.

          For lunch or dinner try Tim Love's Love Shack for a great (ground brisket/tenderloin) burger, then walk around the FW Stock Yards for a look into the old west - complete with the TX Cowboy Hall of Fame, rodeo and fun, albeit "tourist trap" shops along Exchange Ave. If later in the day (evening), do some boot-scootin' at the very long standing White Elephant Saloon. (next door to the Love Shack) or the MUCH larger and more hyped Billy Bob's a short drive or long walk away.




          Sorry - know this is more than you asked for ..... and it's not Dallas, but still.......

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            CocoaNut, Thanks kindly for your suggestions. You knew the questions we should have asked had we known enough to ask them. Billy Bob's was truly spectacular...

          2. My newest go to spot is the Garden Cafe.


            1. Barbec's on Garland Rd, John's on Lower Greenville.
              Breadwinners is good too. The Waffle at Metro diner-if you dare.

              1. The Oasis on Greenville Ave. and Caruth? is great. Everything I have had is really good. The biscuits are always hot and fresh. Chicken fried steak is usually what I order. Cash only.

                1. Right now, I love the Cliff Cafe at the Belmont Hotel.

                  1. How about Buzzbrews? Anyone been lately? I used to really enjoy it. Just havent been in a while.

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                      Buzzbrews is great and I really like the new (much larger) location on Lemmon. Just had the steak and eggs there a couple of weeks ago.

                      1. re: BluffViewChound

                        Buzzbrews is a good suggestion. MMMMM

                    2. Something I forget about but qam happy to share is a little shack on NW Hwy near Marsh/ Lemmon Bridge across from bachman Lake. Bongos. Looks like a little shack you might see on a remote section of beach in Cancun, replete with sand in the front. Authentic mexican breakfast at a great price. Nice for dinner and lunch. Decent beer selections too.

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                      1. re: DallasDude

                        This was the former/first location of Cowboy Chicken. The review from Dave Fairies (sp?) was not that great. He liked the Al Pastor which can be found all around the area.

                        The best I have found is El Paisano further up on Lombardy just before you get to the new DART Green Line maintenance station.

                        Thanks for the menu but I still like standbys in the area Tipicos, El Pollo Regio and El Paisano. The later for lunch/dinner.

                        1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                          Er ok... still a nice place to have a few huevous. Its eggs dude.

                      2. All Good Cafe in Deep Ellum is probably my favorite. I also really like Garden Cafe. And I love Barbec's over by White Rock Lake. All great Dallas breakfast places.