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Jun 12, 2009 04:53 PM

Suggestions for dinner during Jazz Fest

We're heading to Montreal from NYC for Jazz Fest for 4 nights. We haven't been there in 9 years and would to hear your suggestions. We already have reservations for L'Express and Au Pied du Cochon, Where else should we go for a great meal?


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  1. Are you looking for places within walking distance ?
    Will you spend the day at the sites or just the evening shows?

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    1. re: marblebag

      Dinner can be walking distance or taxi ride. We're staying very near the Place des Arts - so we may spend some time during the day - but mostly catch the shows at night.

      1. re: chris4258

        chris, the métro is often faster than a taxi, and obviously cheaper, depending on where you are going. You are near both the green and orange lines - you walk down to Place d'Armes for the orange line, not far at all.

        Both L'Express and Au Pied du Cochon are definitely walkable, but a bit of a walk, including a small hill up to both of them.

        Chinatown is very close by, and Old Montreal is due south from where you are.

    2. Close to Place des Arts, there is Nizza located on 1121 rue Anderson corner René-Lévesque. This very good restaurant serves specialties from southern France including fish and seafood. It also has a pleasant terrasse which is great during hot summer evenings.