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Jun 12, 2009 04:44 PM

I need pizza, beer and the Cubs near Highland Park

I have been traveling to Chicagoland -- specifically Highland Park -- frequently and am jonesing for a place to sit down at the bar and get great Chicago-style pizza, cold beer and baseball.

Any recommendations in the HP area? I'm willing to drive but not too far.

Thanks, CH

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  1. Try Barnaby's of Northbrook by Sunset & Skokie (1 block south of Dundee), great pizza, lots of beer and tv's for the game

    Barnaby's of Northbrook
    960 Skokie Blvd, Northbrook, IL 60062

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      1. re: abf005

        I love Barnaby's but it isn't what you would consider Chicago-style pizza - it's thin crust.

        If you must have deep dish, there's Gino's East on Lake Cook Rd. in Deerfield (but it's in a hotel) and there's a Pizano's in Glenview on Waukegan Rd (a longer drive than Barnaby's but it's great deep dish). Not sure about tvs at either location.

        1. re: BRB

          I need deep dosh Chicago pizza.

          Where on Lake Cook is Ginos?

          1. re: C. Hamster

            1445 Lake Cook Road, just west of Pfingsten, before you get to I-294 interchange. It's about 5 or so minutes west of the intersection of Lake Cook and Skokie Blvd. (Rte. 41). It's in the Embassy Suites hotel.

          2. re: BRB

            I think more Chicagoans consider "thin crust' the preferred pizza, as compared to the tourist-popular deep-dish. Burt's in Morton Grove serves a standout - maybe the best in the region - deep dish pizza and it's a relatively easy on/off of the Eden's Expressway.

            1. re: gomexico

              Remember if you go to Burt's, you have to call and pre-order since they get slammed and will not take walk-ins. Also, don't be surprised if they can't take your order.

              1. re: gomexico

                Thanks all.

                I actually AM a tourist, sort of, as I live on the east coast and can get excellent thin crust pizza anytime I want here but no deep dish.

                I also need a place with a TV and a bar-- not takeout.

                Morton Grove is a bit far.

                Perhaps it'll be Tacos El Norte yet again ... not the worst outcome though.

          3. Malnati's on First (near Central).

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            1. re: ferret

              Isn't that delivery and carry out only?

              1. re: BRB

                You're right, it's just a storefront. No sit down.