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Jun 12, 2009 04:39 PM

$1 oysters at legal

Stopped at Legal in Chestnut Hill for a martini and oysters tonight. The bartender told us that Mon-Thurs. you can have 6 oysters for $6. I asked what time. She said technically only until 6 pm but that they will honor it all day/eve. Whatever you think about Legal, their oysters are very fresh and briny with a good selection and theri bartending is excellent.

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  1. I slurped down a dozen kumomotos last night at the Kendall Square Legal Seafood. This is a great deal -- with a glass of cold white sauvignon blanc from Marlborough, it was perfect.

    However, our guy was very strict about the 6 p.m. cutoff, so get there early.

    1. Does anyone know if the oyster deal is still ongoing for August? Is it at all Legals? Thanks so much.

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        I never quite understood these specials. If I order 6 oyster before 6pm but finish my meal and get the bill at 8pm, do they charge me the $6 bucks special or the regular price?

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          The OP says they honor it all day/night.

          When I used to work at a restaurant that had "early bird specials" (ugh, memories), the cutoff point per management policy was when the order got made. The waitstaff always wrote the time of the order on the top of the ticket. This was mostly to make sure the kitchen completed the order in a timely manner but also for the early bird thing.

          That meant the low tipping cheapsk--- I mean, thrifty, customers had to get their order in to the server by 6:00 or whatever the cutoff time was.

          Obviously every place can make their own rules though.

      2. McCormick's & Schmick's at Quincy Market have oysters for two dollars for two every day during their social hour and at at the Park Sq. location the same deal is all day on Tuesdays.during their happy hour. Linegage in Brookline also had a great oyster deal as a favorite waiter told me, but I haven't checked that out. I think the oysters I had yesterday at McCormick's were as delicious as any I've had at Legal's.

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          I did post recently about the $1 oysters at Lineage; they serve one kind from their friends at Island Creek, and they are great.

        2. We stopped at LTK in the Seaport District last night and had the same special. We ordered 2 dozen before 6:00pm and were charged $1 each. We ordered another 1/2 dozen around 6:30pm and were charged full price. Still a great deal!

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            I eat at the Legals in Framingham after work at night and usually get there around 9. Some bartenders charge you full price and others charge the $1. I found that all you have to is ask and they are happy to give you the dollar per oyster deal.