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Jun 12, 2009 03:38 PM

buying a duck

I am trying to find a duck to cook in the SF Bay Area..

Does anyone know where to find one.. (safeway doesn't sell all the time)
this is very popular in Chinese BBQ places so it can't be that hard?
Must one go to fine gourmet food / whole food kind of place to get one?


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  1. If you are not concerned about provenance, your typical asian supermarket such as 99Ranch should have some.

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    1. re: sfbing

      I maybe looking at the wrong row at 99 Ranch,
      I looked at where they sell the different chickens, chicken wings, etc but saw no duck.
      Maybe in the frozen section?

      1. re: CACook

        Hmm. I've bought fresh duck from there before. Just ask the guy at the butcher counter. It is possible that they only have frozen ones.

      2. re: sfbing

        The fresh pekin ducks found at Chinese butchers on Grant, Stockton, Irving, Clement streets, and in Oakland are mostly from Petaluma's Reichardt farms.

        Reichardt Duck Farm
        3770 Middle Two Rock Rd, Petaluma, CA

      3. For frozen pekin duck go to any asian market that has a meat department including Manilla Market on Mission near Silver Ave. They often include all the entrails as well as the head, so there's a little extra work involved. For locally produced fresh duck, Buy Rite usually has Liberty duck from Sonoma or thereabouts. Much more expensive, but you will notice the difference. Call first as they only get deliveries twice a week (or so they did last time I checked).

        1. Do not ask for Joe Penner at ant of those markets. You will date yourself.

          1. Where exactly in the Bay Area? Raley's has frozen duck. Jack's meats in Oakland has duck, though it is frozen.

            1. This is probably too late, but Sunset Super in San Francisco was selling fresh ducks for 2.69/lb yesterday.