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Jun 12, 2009 03:15 PM

Zagat Survey Best Fast Food: In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger won in:
Burger, top food and best service.
the best of the 'major' chains was Wendy's

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    1. If you are ever in New Mexico try Blakes Lottaburger, It'll change your mind. There's a bunch of them, but only in New Mexico.

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      1. re: mrbigshotno.1

        Have to totally disagree and I live in NM. Blakes is good in a pinch, but in NO way even compares with INO! Besides the only comparable to INO in NM is got to be the Bobcat Bite.

      2. I participated in that. I don't remember too much about how I voted.

        1. The outtakes are great as always...
          "Eleven herbs and spices, eight of which are salt."