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Jun 12, 2009 02:34 PM

Kosher Chocolate

I am seeking a wholesale source for kosher chocolate in the Los Angeles area. We will be using the chocolate in a new kosher chocolate candy venture. Can anyone assist me with the name and contact information of any local suppliers?

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  1. I am in South Florida and I purchase my chocolate from Wholefood market. I get the unopen 10 lb. callebaut. Probably too expensive to get it that way for commercial use, but I figured it might help.

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      go the web site and go to search. You should be able to find a local distributor, Let us know what type of chocolate you are making. Some CA chocolate makers are guittard, and for now scharffen berger

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        I'm sure you mean the 5 kilo bar, which is actually 11 lbs. And that's the standard commercial size for couverture chocolate. the only difference is that the price paid would be much cheaper for the commercial venture that uses a lot of it, purchasing it through a distributor, than it would be for home use through Whole Foods Market. Great bittersweet, by the way. We used to get it up north from a national food service vendor (Reits), but they went bust years ago. I would bet that Sysco would have it for pilot use, and you may be able to purchase it direct from Barry Callebaut, if you're using enough volume.