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Vancouver large course tasting menus

I'll be in Vancouver again in August and we'd like to try some more restaurants. We like doing many course (9-10) tasting menus so we can try as much as possible. So far we've been to Lumiere, West, Gastropod, and Metro. Fuel is the only one I really have on my list so if anyone has some suggestions that would be awesome.

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  1. Fuel is a great choice...I say stick with that for this trip.

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      Seconded! Fuel is an excellent spot.

    2. Fuel is an outstanding restaurant. Go there.

      I would also recommend Blue Water and Cioppino's... both in the same category/price range as Lumiere/West.

      Both Gastropod and Metro are no longer with us.

      1. Agreed about Fuel.

        On a different note, how about a multi-course omakase or kaiseki dinner at a Japanese restaurant? Notable ones include Yoshi's, Octopus Garden, Lime, Tojo's...

        1. C has nice tasting menus as well.

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            Also Diva at the Met - the new home of Chef Jeff Van Geest (formerly of the late, lamented Aurora). Six courses for $65 (plus $42 for the wine pairs).

            (NB They have an interesting (R&B Brewing) beer-paired Father's Day (June 21) menu for $89. )

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              RIP Aurora

              I actually attended an R&B Brewing dinner @ Aurora -- it was terrific. My wife & I fell in love with Sun Gold that night.

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                    a warm day on a nice patio quaffing a sun god, doesn't get much better

          2. I heard La Quercia does an awesome menu, and quite reasonably, too.

            1. Lots of suggestions. Thanks everyone. We have two nights in Vancouver so we'll definitely try Fuel and another. We enjoyed a lunch at Aurora right before it closed so maybe Diva at the Met.