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Jun 12, 2009 01:03 PM

Slow Foods?

I am just curious. How many of us are Slow Foods members? If you are a member what sort of events has your chapter had this year? I am planning a brunch for up to 24 of our members in August featuring Te Best of our Farmer's Market in August. I did this last year and the people attending brought dishes tht they had made with what out Farmer's Market had for sale. It was a fun party. We also have a pig roast in the planning for later in the year.

I just got to wondering this morning why the organization never seems to come up as a CH topic. It is a great organization and if you really like to cook and are interested in food, food culture, lore, sustainable farming, local agriculture and trying to eat more in season and eat locally produced foods one would be interested in the organization. It is international and you can find more about it on line. How many of us are out there on the CH boards?

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  1. In my state of R.I. we have a large number of restaurants that participate in this movement, they all belong to an orgainazion called Farm Fresh RI, started five years ago and is growing fast.

    1. We have had an active group on Martha's Vineyard (MA) for several years.