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Jun 12, 2009 12:10 PM

Inexpensive Greek in Astoria

I'm looking for a GOOD Greek restaurant in Astoria, but I don't have a lot of money to spend. Can anyone give a suggestion of a good place that you would also consider a good deal?

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  1. Can you provide a price range? that would help narrow things down a bit...a good deal for some is not the same for others.

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    1. re: Yaxpac

      I'd like to spend $20 per person without drinks, or less. The prices at Philoxenia look pretty good but their seafood prices are not set, and the rest of the menu looks very meat-centered. Any places that focus on fish and vegetarian options that are not too expensive?

      1. re: eatinginqueens

        Honestly, I'm not sure you'll be happy with much in that price range, at least if you want fish. "Good cheap fish" mostly doesn't exist anymore. If I were you, I'd focus on small fish (anchovies, sardines) and calamari, as someone else suggested. Then go to a good Greek place like Philoxenia and get mostly apps with one or two fish dishes to share.

    2. Aliada on 30th and Broadway is good. You can also get away with less by ordering several apps at some of the other places. I like S'Agapo and what used to be Stamatis on Broadway and 32nd Street and is now called something like Barami.

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      1. re: jenhen2

        S'Agapo is indeed great, but not cheap by any means...

        maybe try BZ grill for more inexpensive fare...

        1. re: Yaxpac

          if you make a meal out of the apps at philoxenia, it'll run you about 25 w/o drinks, you'll have plenty to eat, and some of the apps will even be seafood. if you add a whole grilled fish, then apps, drinks, tip and tax will run you about 35-40 bucks a person.

      2. Best deal for good greek food in Astoria is the Lunch Special @ Taverna Kyclades.
        I always get the grilled calamari w/horta. (10.95)

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        1. re: johnk

          I think Taverna Kyclades has the best fish in Astoria. My favorite, lunch or dinner.