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Jun 12, 2009 10:59 AM

durham drinks & dinner

Where would you go for drinks & food after a show?

The Federal? Fuji? Piedmont? Pops?



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  1. You can't go wrong with the Pied or the Pop. Don't know about the Fed. Mt. Fuji, of course, is a whole other style of food.

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    1. re: boaviagem

      We went with Pop's. Calamari and mussels were very good, as usual. But it sure was dead at 9:30 when we got there. Thought they would be open later on a Friday night.

      1. re: spaz

        I'm a big fan of Watt's Grocery in general. They stay open late. They also have a late night menu with tasty fried smelts.

        1. re: spaz

          If you want "not dead" and open late, there's Watts, Broadstreet Cafe, Revolution (a bit poshy), the Fed for sure - more fun come January when they ban smoking (sorry, smokers) - the back room (non-smoking) just has no vibe, but if you can get a spot outside, you're good to go. Also, Dain's on 9th St. for burgers. Dos Perros will open downtown late summer (late July/early August) which should be ideal. The plan is authentic Mexican w/ a bar.