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Jun 12, 2009 10:44 AM

Need Westside suggestions for bday dinner with baby--Italian Preferred

It's my Dad's 65th birthday on Monday and we were planning to go to Brunello's, but they are closed. I am looking for something that is reasonably nice, but okay with a 15 month old who needs a high chair and will be eating finger foods. Italian preferred, as it's my Dad's favorite, though Houston's crossed my mind (though a little concerned about what the wait would be like on a Monday around 6:30). We are on the Westside.


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  1. A really authentic Italian place is Locanda Portifino on Montana in SM. Less ambiance but more space (for the little one) is Sor Tino in Brentwood. Both excellent.

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    1. re: stevedi

      Thanks. I'm also considering Vito on Ocean Park. They said they have high chairs.

      1. re: Snoopy

        imho vitos is very over priced and i would think not very kid friendly- dark, woody, velvet. bring a flashlight to read the menu and i believe there is some sort of "club card" discount for an immediate 30% off which still will make it more expensive than:

        il fornaio, up the street which is kid friendly WAY better than fritto misto (but not as good as vitos)

        1. re: gore_mutt

          Did you mean il Forno on Ocean Park in the mini mall with The Counter & The Novel Cafe or the il Fornaio on Ocean across the street from Palisades Park?

      2. re: stevedi

        I do not recommend Sor Tino. The food is dreadful and the patio is filled with smokers. Unfortunately, one has to go through the patio to enter the restaurant. I have suggested Toscana, but another recommendation in the area is Amici Brentwood. Both are kid-friendly; have high chairs and have good food.

      3. what about guido's in west l.a. and il forno a bit south of that...?

        1. Is Fritto Misto not nice enough? It's really good with the kids and babies.

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            On a Monday night, you may want to consider Toscana . In the early evening it is a very baby-friendly place. I have a 1 year old grandson. There is a high chair. The waiter will be happy to bring little nibbles for the baby; e.g. slices of avocado, cheese, etc. Best of all, Antonio, the Maitre'd works on Mondays. He has 2 toddlers and one on the way. Thus, he is very welcoming to families with young children. There is a "family table" at Toscana. Call and ask for this. The food is quite nice, the prices a bit high, yet, you and your family will feel most welcome (particularly, early on a Monday night).

            1. re: maudies5

              Good rec, maudies5, I would second Toscana.

              1. re: Phurstluv

                Thanks. I have always found Toscana extremely family-friendly. Early Monday evening will not be a problem. My favorite family-time at Toscana is on Saturday afternoon. Antonio works the door and the room. The room is filled with regulars who make it a point to meet at Toscana on Saturday at lunchtime. The room is not crowded; thus, not noisy. It's a great place to spend a lazy afternoon. Kids are definitely welcome.

          2. I second Fritto Misto. It is yummy! Especially the "jumbo ravioli"

            1. Il Moro is decent. Decent selection but they've reduced the number of items on menu. Great drink list with both cocktails and wine.

              Il Grano is incredible but pricey.