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Jun 12, 2009 10:06 AM

Curry Up Foods - Maple Grove MN

This place is a long haul across the metro for me, but my weekend plans have me passing by and I'm pretty sure we'll be making a stop. While its referenced in other threads there werent many specific comments about things people had actually eaten (one comment at least said the buffet looked good but that the poster didnt actually stop and eat).

If it matters we likely will not be there for lunchtime (during the buffet) and were thinking more of grabbing some snaky type stuff to eat in the car or later in the weekend.

Does anyone have specific recommendations or endorsements?

As an aside, i noticed on their website that they have a couple of pretty awesome AYCE deals, including a wednesday night all you can eat chaat deal and a thursday unlimited dosa/sambar/idli/vada deal. If the foods at all promising this could be a fun way to check out a wider range for those of us who cant make the daytime buffet. Chowdown, perhaps?

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  1. I finally got to Curry Up Foods last week. I had a lovely spinach-cheese dosa and a HUGE dish of papri chaat (potatoes, chickpeas, and fried pieces of so-called "tortilla" :-), which was large enough to serve 4 quite generously.

    I loved the dosa - it was rich and tasty and perfectly cooked. I liked the chaat, but didn't love it - I didn't think it was quite as good as Bombay2Deli's version. I look forward to returning to try more chaat - perhaps for the Wednesday all-the-chaat-you-can-eat special.

    I had a hard time finding the place, though - I drove around for 15 minutes before I spotted it. Tip for other inner-city adventurers: it's next to the Old Country Buffet (ironically), in the Grove Center Shopping Center (W/SW corner of Elm Creek Blvd and Grove Drive). And, contrary to chow's place info, it's NOT in Osseo, it's in Maple Grove.


    P.S. [EDIT TO ADD] Oh, and I got some sweets, too - three-layer orange-white-green triangle thingies. They were EXCELLENT! Definitely get some desserts for later - they keep well.

    Curryup Foods
    13601 Grove Dr, Osseo, MN

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    1. re: AnneInMpls

      Thanks anne, you really do come through for me all the time.

      This stop will be extra appreciated because i didnt have enough time to thoroughly digest Devon ave on our chicago trip a little while back (we made one stop and the sweets we got were, frankly, disappointing).

      Ill keep my eyes peeled for three-layer orang-white-green triangle things - do you have any guess as to what the base was (nut based barfi versus some of the milkier dessert type things?)

      1. re: tex.s.toast

        I'm pretty sure the triangles are nut-based. I think the white (beige, actually) layer is "plain" cashew, the orange layer is maybe flavored with saffron, and the green layer could possibly be pistachios. Or maybe not. Anyway, they're really good and really, really sweet.

        There were also squares or triangles that were all one flavor, so if one layer doesn't appeal, you can get single-layer versions. And I'm sure they would have explained the ingredients/flavors if I had asked. Everyone was very nice when I was there.

        Thinking about the chaat - it's probably not the best thing to get for take-out, as most chaats are messy to eat (lots of sauce and little bits) or are best eaten right away (like pani puri "balls" that you fill with sauce/curry yourself, or mixed-ingredient items with crunchy bits). But my food came really quickly, so eating there would be almost as quick as eating in the car.

        Enjoy your stop!


        1. re: AnneInMpls

          For the safety minded, i did not plan on driving while eating these snacks, i was going to eat them in the car while someone else drove. Given the quickness of service well probably try to stop and eat in, though.

          thanks for the heads up - not being able to eat pani puri in india was one of my biggest regrets (our hosts assured me it was not worth the risk that the water that went into the sauce was dangerous/unboiled).

          Ill most certainly be writing this up.

          As a side note, wasnt there a thread recently (in the last six months?) looking for dosai with paneer based fillings? looks like this spot would work. . .