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Jun 12, 2009 10:00 AM

Cincy Pubs - help finding the microbrews?

Can someone recommend some good bars in the following Cincy area? Just looking for an excellent draft / bottle selection from east and west coast micro breweries. Are any of these pubs within walking or short driving distance from these towns?

Hyde Park
Mt Lookout
Terrace Park
West Chester


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  1. ummm...just google it! you'll find everywhere and everything you need...

    in the meantime;
    glendale-cock and bull
    hyde park-pretty much every bar has a few micros on tap
    mariemont-dilly deli
    mt lookout-see hyde park note
    loveland-mama vitas
    mason/west chester-dinglehouse, brazenhead, village pub, fox and hound, many others

    tons or bars around here have a very decent microbrew's easier for you to google it than me list them all :)

    1. This is a good local beer blog:

      Teller's in Hyde Park has a great selection of beers on tap. Allyn's in the Columbia-Tusculum neighborhood of Cincinnati, which is close to Mariemont, has a big selection of microbrews in bottles.

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        Isn't Teller's in the process of renovating? Good place to eat and drink, but can be very noisy. I always forget about Allyn's. Looks like a total dive, but the food is great.

        1. re: johnbycz

          that site is great, thanks for the help! I see magic hat has made its way to Ohio...hopefully get some other VT brews there