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Jun 12, 2009 10:00 AM

S/S Crabs and Vinh Sun

I just got back from a great lunch at Peach Farm Seafood...fresh fried soft shell crabs w ginger and scallion. Nice change from the usual spicy salt fried.

Next stop was Vinh Sun BBQ. I had planned on getting 1/2 duck for dinner. The woman on line in front of me ordered the roast pork and it looked so good that I had to get a piece. Had him slice a big hunk w/skin from the leg of the hanging pig. Beautiful! Iasked him not to chop it. He repeated no chop; and then proceeded to make about 6 big my horror. Then he threw the single piece into a styrofoam container..unchopped. We both burst out laughing. He was playing with me and just hitting the cutting board..but not the meat. I couldn't see because of the stainless screen..:)

Get everything home...crispy skin, moist meat...really nice piec of pork.

JP..nice to see you back..second the BLR idea but here's 2 more spots for you.

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  1. I really need to check out Vinh Sun soon. Can anyone comment on their char siu? I think recent reports say theirs is better than HK Eatery?

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    1. re: y2000k

      Vihn Sun is a great place to buy a whole roasted pig. Got one a few years ago for Chinese New Year.

    2. I'm fairly new to Vinh Sun, but did post about their wonton noodle soup a couple of weeks ago, and I still think it 9with char siu) was better than HKE. I have not eaten the pork alone, but man, the broth and the dumplings and the pork, all were top notch. I'm gonna go for some of the roast pork next, chopped or not it looks yummy, and the duck and chicken do too.

      By the way, anyone know what they mean by "pi pa duck"? on their bbq menu? I did not ask, but I though pi pa is something like "chef's special" (though really the name of a Chinese stringed instrument??).

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      1. re: Zatan

        i think the pi pa duck is a soy sauce braised duck

        1. re: Zatan

          No, pi pa is 琵琶 - the name of a chinese instrument (sort of like a lute). I think it's called pi pa duck is because of the shape and color of the cooked duck. It is definitely a dish that's served in China.

          I do NOT think it is braised, but roasted rather, and somewhat sweet. I tried to look up a recipe but wasn't successful.

          1. re: Zatan

            It was your post that made me want to retry Vinh Sun. I'd have gotten the soup but had already eaten lunch..:) I almost got the soup earlier in the week but it lost to out to bun rieu at Xinh Xinh on a coin flip.

            Based on my 2 or 3 bites of the roast pork, I think I like them better than HKE; which is saying a lot.

            Obviously more sampling is needed..:)

            1. re: 9lives

              Great call Zatan and 9lives...on your recommendation I tried Vinh Sun tonight. I have passed this place regularly for years but never stopped in.

              The roast pork is excellent and low priced (6.50 per pound) and the pork ribs were also outstanding.

              Thanks for bringing this restaurant to my attention. IMHO, it's better than the HKE - I'll defintely be back!

            2. re: Zatan

              Got back to VS this week for the wonton noodle/roast pork soup. Awesome and agree it's better than HKE's version. Richer, more flavorful broth.