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Jun 12, 2009 09:15 AM

Freshest olive oil?

Hey again, I did a quick forum search for places that sell fresh olive oil, but nothing turned up in the archive.

I have heard a couple of times about people/places that will have bottles of really fresh, good olive oil, either made here or recently brought over in the last few months, not factory/company made.

Does anyone have the names of places I can call/ bike toothat are not too far out on the Danforth (I'm biking from young/dundas) or in the downtown core, along queen, or up to lansdown/bloor that might sell really excellent olive oil??

I know I saw a guy selling some out of a used record/ice cream/book shop down on queen west, but I can't remember the name of the shop now to call and make sure he has some before I go down there. Anyone happen to know what it's called?

Also, is there a "best" feta cheese out there? What about katamala olives..or other salad olives... is there a "best type/place to buy from"?

Thanks so much!!!!
Have an AWESOME YUMMY weekend everyone! Drink up the sun!

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  1. Olive trees only can be harvested once each year. In Greece, this will typically be in late October-November. Well stored though, it will stay fresh for a year or more. I get amazing organic, unfiltered, cold-pressed olive oil at the St. Jacob's market, which is obviously not convenient for you. However, they do sell mail-order.

    Their website says that their oil is available at the St. Lawrence Market at A-Bisket-A-Basket on the lower level. As often as I go the SLM, I've never looked there to see if they have it.

    1. There's a great place for olive oils and vinegars on queen street west called The Olive Pit, just below The Spice Trader.

      Worth a visit!