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Jun 12, 2009 09:12 AM

Cinque Terre - Dinner Reservations Needed?

I will be traveling to Cinque Terre (staying in Monterosso) in mid-July. Are dinner reservations necessary (or even possible) in the area or will my companion and I be able to walk-in to local restaurants on weekend nights?

I'd also appreciate any restaurant recommendations for Monterosso and the surrounding towns...the less touristy the better.


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  1. I'm also visiting Monterosso in July and am wondering the same thing given that this seems to be the high season for travel. Also, will we have trouble sitting down to dinner on the later side (after 9pm)?

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      Make the reservations the day before or the morning of. 9PM is on the early side for the Cinque Terre in July.

    2. I would reserve a day or two ahead for weekends. The SlowFood pick in the area is in the Beo frazzione above Monterosso; they offer transport from the town center. I have not been, so this is only gleaned from my notes.

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          I was there about 7 years ago and yes it would have been very helpful to have reservations. Unless you want to eat at 6:00 pm everynight, I would book tables as soon as you get there. At the time, Gourmet magazine had done a special on Cinque Terre so the place was flooded with tacky tourists. I hope you don't run into that.