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Jun 12, 2009 08:55 AM

Mozza - what to orda?

Going to Pizzeria Mozza my second time. It was flat out awesome my first visit. Question, what to order? Last time I had the proscuitto, the date/gorgonzola salad and the Peperonata - burrata pizza. My date had the Funghi misti. I loved everything so much I want to order exactly the same thing, but of course I also want to try more of everything! Any suggestions?

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  1. Mozza's chicken liver crostini is great

    1. My favorite items are, in no particular order, the eggplant caponata appetizer, the pane bianco (which is, essentially, the best garlic bread ever), the fennel sausage pizza, the egg/guanciale pizza, and the butterscotch pudding. Really good fresh fruit sorbet too.

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        this put me in the mood for mozza tonight..I called for a rez and am #7 in line on the phone...guess biz is still booming.

        *edit..waited forever got to front of line then was disconnected. lame.

      2. marrow al forno. so good.

        1. I concur with the bianco pizza, definitely my fave and the fennel sausage as well. The caprese salad might be my favorite item on the menu. Don't miss that! Also, I never miss the white bean bruschette, it is amazing. You cannot go wrong wtih these dishes. Definitely the butterscotch!!