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Jun 12, 2009 08:50 AM

Pre-Dinner cocktail near Mizuna

Hi everyone,
I have 9:00 pm reservations at Mizuna on Saturday night (so excited) and need a suggestion on where to go for a great cocktail/martini before hand. Love the lancer lounge but not sure it's the right place for pre-mizuna... thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. Assuming you want walking distance? Not that many choices. Only three I can think of would be Gov Park, Funky Bhudda and Lalas pizza and wine bar a block away. Not sure how crowded Lalas is on a Saturday evening.

    Funky Bhudda lounge - near 8th and Lincoln, Just down from Le Central. Only a few blocks. I would say walking disance. Two blocks West and one block up (north- same direction as traffic - past Turin bikes on the corner). Could park in-between at one of the lots on Lincoln. Early Sat should be pretty quiet and able to get a seat on the roof patio or a nice booth.