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New stomping ground - Mount Laurel. Gimme some eats!

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I have a new area to explore since the boyf just moved down to Mount Laurel. The town seems nice, and I am hoping that the restaurant options are just as promising.

I'd love recommendations on all types of places, and if anyone knows of a great (but cheap enough for a casual weeknight dinner) sushi place in ML or the surrounding area, let me know! We definitely want to try a lot of places and explore the area. And if there's a pizzeria that is your fav, let me in on it :] (and I’ll be sure to give you my post-taste opinion, since I am particular with my pizza!)


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  1. I work in Mt Laurel, but live in Princeton. I'm sorry that I don't have any suggestions in Mt Laurel...I have not found them myself! I anxious await other responses because I'd love some tips on good food. Seems few and far between in south Jersey, or perhaps I just need some guidance as well!

    For pizza, Angelo's is the best I've found. Truely delicious NJ pizza!

    Angelo's Pizza
    878 Union Mill Rd, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

    1. As a fellow relocated person...I live in Cherry Hill, but lived in Mount Laurel for like three minutes...grew up in NNJ.
      1. for greasy, awesome pizza, go to Francesca's where 38 and Ark road intersect (think that's a ShopRite shopping center now...); for glam pizza go to Passariello's on Main Street in Moorestown.
      2. for Chinese, go to China Cafe also right where 38 and Ark intersect...it's in the shopping center NEXT to where Francesca's is...you'll see a Burger King, Hollywood Tans, Hair Cuttery etc.
      3. for bagels, you will want to punch all of the workers in the face due to incompetence, but if you speak slowly, you will get the best bagel in the area (closest to north Jersey I can find...) Go to Victoria's where 38 and Larchmont intersect...in the shopping center where a Saxby's is supposedly opening, but I honestly don't think it ever will. Don't be tempted to go to Gaetanos for a cheese steak. They suck, and their pizza is even worse. If you must have a cheese steak...take the trip to Montesini's on 38W in Maple Shade. Really good pizza there too...but I'm not sure what part of Mt. Laurel you are in.
      4. For sushi, go to Akira 2 (original Akira on Larchmont smells like a sewer...) on Main Street in Moorestown. BYO and fresh fish.
      5. for "dive" bar with outside seating, pitchers, and pub grub, go to Ott's in Delran..take Hartford and it will be on your right. I avoid Prospector's. And Jay's Elbow Room...(this really is a dive bar, has a small outdoor deck, but hey...sometimes those are the best places)...but for lunch, you can get a sandwich for a literally $1.00. And like, serious sandwiches...I had a steak sandwich once and two pints and it was $5.00.
      6. Again, not sure where in Mt. Laurel you are, but if you're closer to Cherry Hill...on Church Road, in between 73 and 41, there is a pizza place called Forno...good pizza, decent food, and beer for $1.75 a pint.
      7. Best craft beer joint so far has been The Pour House in Westmont.
      8. Best BYO Italian place seems to be Barone's (Acme shopping center on Centerton, across the street from Wegman's)IMHO. Or Tutti Toscani in Cherry Hill...sometimes they will give you limoncello. For lunch you can get legit sandwiches and salads for like, nothing at both establishments.

      Use Wegman's to your full advantage - cooking in will definitely become part of your repertoire because dining options definitely become limited if you don't feel like going over the bridge. However you can usually get cheaper fish and meat at Acme.

      I leave the hardcore gourmet recommendations to a few of the other chaps that REALLY know dining...I have a husband that literally would be happy with a mutton chop, so we don't really frequent La Campagne or places like that...

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      1. Simple, and small place for breakfast or lunch
        Heart to Heart Moorestown
        Right off of Main Street

        Passairello's Yummy!

        Agree Akira 2 Very Good - Had the Rock and Roll - Roll
        Shrimp Tempura Pepper Tuna and King Crab

        You have lots of good food places to explore in that area - Cherry Hill - Haddonfield - Collingswood and Phila is so close! Let us know what you discover.

        1. For pizza, a bit out of the way, but Riviera in Vincentown has excellent thin crust pizza, like a N Jersey pie, which is hard to find in S. Jersey.
          Modo Milano on Route 38 in Mt. Holly is another Lamberti restaurant. It's actually very nice and modern, (little out of place for the area), inside, and the food is pretty good. Added advantage is that you can get a drink there.
          Mikado in Maple Shade or Medford would be two good choices for Japanese. I understand there is another Japanese place in the Acme Shopping Center at the corner of Lenola Rd and Kings Hwy (Maple Shade), that is supposed to be pretty good, but sorry, can't remember the name of it.
          Going east from Mt. Laurel, your choices will be few and far between. Dad's on 38 in Mt. Holly is a dive that serves good burgers and wings. Prospectors I am not crazy about, but I've been there a bunch of times strictly out of necessity (my sister lives near there and has two small children). Prospectors does have an outside patio and they have a full menu. I'd stick with the burgers there, myself.
          In Medford, Teds on Main is excellent for Cajun/Creole.
          Since you're in the area now, the 2 best places for sushi are Fuji in Haddonfield; or Sagami in Collingswood. Both are BYOB.
          I think you will find most of the better quality restaurants west of Mt. Laurel. There are some nice choices in Collingswood, as well.

          1. For pizza, I really like Sal's Pizzeria in Marlton-right off of 73 (near the circle) but I might be a bit biased since I have been going there for practically my whole life- their white pizza with broccoli and tomatoes is my favorite.

            There's also Donkey's Place on Tomlinson Rd. in Medford. It's a bit out there in the woods, but they have really good cheese steaks that they put on kaiser rolls ( a weird choice of roll, but still really good) and I love their fries w/ seasoning. Plus, it's right next to Leo's Famous Yum Yum! (added bonus for dessert)

            And there's Spaghetti House located in the shopping center off of 73 with the DSW and Champps- I love their Sicilian style sauce and the family that owns it is really nice!

            1. (NOTE: There is already an identical thread to this one) Scotto's is very good, as is Angelo's, but I would recommend Soprano's on Church Rd. No sugar in the sauce, just excellent pizza! Little Beef's is very good too, if you can tolerate the bad service. Definitely avoid Pizzitullo's on Church St.; it's Chucky Cheese Pizza. Also avoid Taconelli's; it is NOT the same as the Philly location. And finally, if you don't mind a little drive, try Riveria in Medford (Stokes Rd.), the Tabernacle location is too far for pizza. Riveria has been in business longer than any of the others I've mentioned, and Medford is their original location.

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                I live in Mount Laurel too...I want to agree with a couple of the stay-aways in the post above---Pizzitullo's is pretty bad, and Taconelli's is overrated. I don't think Little Beef's pizza is that great but their sandwiches are good. For pizza and pretty much anything on their menu, I like Sal and Joe's on Kings Highway in Maple Shade, but there were a lot of other good pizza places mentioned in this thread too. Angelo's on Union Mill Road has great calzones and stromboli and good pizza. For a bit finer dining, Collingswood has several excellent restaurants, but such as Blackbird and Sapori, among others. There are a lot of good places within a 20-minute drive (depending where you are in Mount Laurel of course).

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                  rusfirth3 - I did a search for a mount laurel thread before I posted, but maybe I missed the one you mentioned. Can you post the link?

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                    I believe resfirth3 was referring to this old 2005 posting about the best pizza places in Mt. Laurel. It really was not similar to your posting about good food in general in the Mt. Laurel area. Wel, at least now you know all about the pizza places in the area!

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                        Yes, that was four years old, so a new thread seems acceptable.

                2. I think I'm in a similar position. I moved to Mount Laurel a few months ago and have been looking for good take out places and good hang outs to meet people (in their 20-30's) since I don't know anyone. I'm very close to prospectors, but the food isnt so great there. PJ's is the other pub like place I know of, the food is alittle better but not by much. As for Pizza, I am also fairly particular. I like Bertucci's brick oven crust, but the sauce and toppings are kinda bland. Taconelli's has a similar style but they burned my last pizza. I've tried out many of the chinese places but I havent found any that are any good. I'd say the best I've tried are King's Palace and Lotus. China Cafe is ok although I found their rice to taste a little funny in my last order. I've asked people at work for recc, but they pretty much just tell me about chain's like fridays so maybe there isnt too much nearby.

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                    Imbgm, have you tried Joe's Peking Duck House in Marlton? it's a stone's throw away from King's Palace, and IMO, a lot better! and it's a bit further away, but on 70 in Cherry Hill, there's King of Pizza, near Taylor's- my dad swears by their pizza, but I haven't been there in a while...but I do remember I loved their Italian sausage pizza.

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                      I'll have to try Joe's. I did try king of pizza, it was ok, but I prefer a different style. Like the kind that is made in a brick oven. Bertucci's seems to get the crust right for me, but the rest is a little underpar

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                      Try Pietro's Coal Oven Pizza at the Marlton Circle, next to the Barnes & Noble on Rt. 70.

                    3. cbean, for what it's worth: there is a farmers market on Saturday in Moorestown. A farmer that I've been buying my organic eggs directly from also sells there, and tells me there is a good selection and some different vendors this year. There is also a nice farmers market in Collingswood on Sat that is worth checking out. You can have lunch afterwards (it's all walkable) right in Collingswood. That would be a good way to give you some of the lay of the land. You might also want to invest (or the bf), in a Costco membership as there is one right in the same shopping center as the Wegmans in Mt. Laurel/Moorestown.

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                        ah THANK YOU for the farmers market info! It's something that I have been trying to do much more often, but there's not many up near me. I try to make some meals for him to last him a few days whenever I visit, and anything that can help me avoid the oh so frequest trips to shoprite is fantastic. I plan on checking them out, thanks!

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                          there are some good farm stands in Moorestown/Mt. Laurel that I frequent often during the summer. There are 3 on Lenola Rd in Moorestown, and a few closer to Mt. Laurel. It's a pretty area, so get out and take a ride and you'll run into them. And, there are some bigger growers out past Medford, if you feel like investigating out that way some day. Conte's is one farm market with a very big variety and they also sell some baked goods. They are in Tabernacle and they also have pick your own, if you're into that sort of thing (not for me!). Do check out the Dutch Wagon market in Medford for the Amish food. Excellent rotisserie chicken and ribs, fresh meats, etc. It's only open on Fri and Sat. Be sure to try one of the soft pretzels, they are way too yummy! I also really like Georgetti's in Cinnaminson (just a short ride) for fresh pasta, sauces
                          and soups. Produce Junction is also a must stop for very inexpensive produce, flowers and plants. Just be ready to order when you get up to the front of the line, and do it fast or people will get PO'd!! Be very careful in the parking lots of the PJ; for some reason they all have very scary parking lots and bad drivers :-))

                      2. how about some solid places in cherry hill? Would I have more luck there?

                        1. Here's my list:

                          Pizza: Angelo's on Larchmont (and Hainesport - Mt. Laurel rd) is our favorite. They do good sandwiches, but their pastas are just so-so.

                          Chinese: The sesame chicken at China Cafe (NW corner of 38 and Ark rd) is worth a special trip. Not much else there is, though. I have not yet found consitently good Chinese around here.

                          Japanese: We have taking a real liking to Wasabi (NE corner of 38 and Ark rd) for sushi. It's not spectacular, but is consistently good, with a talented sushi chef and attentive waitstaff

                          Burgers: I am not a big fan of Prospectors (SE corner of 38 and Ark), but they do make a fine burger (and have a full bar). You can always trust PJ Whelihan's (one is on Lenola and 38) for a good burger and brew as well.

                          Mexican: There's a new Mexican place in Mt Laurel, but I will not share my review as I went there within its opening week. Let's just say I need to go back to see if they finally got it right. Ok...ok...it's the macho taco...but i wouldn't send you there.

                          BBQ: Finally...some decent BBQ in the area: Bassett's in Moorestown (in the KMart shopping center across from the Moorestown Mall). I am a huge BBQ afficianado and have been continually dissapointed in the BBQ around here, but Bassett's is actually pretty good. I hope to post a full review after trying a few more of their offerrings.

                          Sit-down Italian: Someone already mentioned Barone's off of Centerton (I think) in the ACME shopping center behind Wegman's. This place makes consistently good Italian and is a BYOB. Some of their dishes are deep-fried and come out of the kitchen heavy on the grease, so be careful what you order.

                          Seafood: You need to leave Mt. Laurel for good seafood. With the death of Emerald Fish, the best place is around is Ritz Seafood in the Ritz Center down in Voorhees. If you have a craving for crab cakes, you can get them at the Bobby Chez takeout in the Wegman's shopping center in Mt. Laurel. If you go, get a few coconut shrimp too...they're awfully good.

                          If you are looking for good Indian, Mexican or French, you will have to leave Mt. Laurel as well. There is consistent good talk about Blackbird and the Tortilla Press in Collingswood, and A Little Cafe and Coriander in Voorhees. These four are some of my faves.


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                            I'm guessing you haven't tried Monsoon -- a fairly new Indian place in Mt Laurel on Dearborn Circle (not to be confused with the now defunct Monsoon that was on Rt 73). It's shiny and modern with IMHO the best Indian food in the area. I especially like their breads which you will need for sopping up the great sauces.


                            1. re: johnpm

                              Thanks for posting!
                              This place looks great and they have Butter Chicken!!!

                          2. DH and I have lived in Cherry Hill for 3+ years now. After reading this list, I had two thoughts: all these new restaurants to try.... and who's organizing our SJ CHOW dinner??

                            Anyway, a few more recommendations and votes:
                            Pizza: I second the motion for Pietro's (thick-cut pepperoni and fresh mozzarella), also Luigi's Pizza Fresca on Old Marlton Pike, within spitting distance of Pietro's. (on/off of Rt 70 on Cherry Hill side of the 70-73 circle)
                            Chinese: Joe's Peking Duck House in Marlton behind Champps on Rt 73. Chez Elena Wu in Voorhees (near the Ritz movie theater) was good but I was there once, a while ago.
                            Mexican: Tortilla Press in Collingswood is worth the drive, any time (esp. for brunch!). For something very low-brow, El Azteca on Rt 73 at Ramblewood Parkway. BYO. Also try Los Amigos on Rt 73 in Berlin.
                            Italian: Tre Famiglia in Haddonfield or Nunzio's in Collingswood. Pasta Pomodoro in Voorhees (Eagle Plaza) for a bit lower-key atmosphere.

                            Another place to look for restaurant info is SJ Hot Chefs - a bunch of independent restaurants (and yes, several of the ones I listed above...). www.sjhotchefs.com - Farm to Fork Week is later this month, Restaurant Week is in October, etc. We've been pretty happy with our explorations of their member restaurants.

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                              Yeah, I'm in Cherry Hill too and would love to meet up with local SJ Chowhounders! You hit on a lot of local favorites, Truman.

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                                another great place is toscana in cherry hill/marlton border on rt 70. they also have outside seating in the summer. and it is a byob. can be very pleasant