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Jun 12, 2009 08:19 AM

Switzer's (Hwy 7, near Keele)

I was supposed to meet someone for lunch in Woodbridge, but he called to back out as I was driving along Hwy 7 to meet him. I had noticed something that said "Switzer's Deli" and being a deli fan, decided it needed to be checked out. It was in this strip-plaza on the north side where there seems to have been a revolving door of restos for the past several years - nothing there lasts very long.

I'm not sure that Switzer's on Seven will do much to change that. The smoked meat was quite good - decent pepperiness and a good amount of fat - but the sandwich was small, about 2/3rds the amount of meat that I would get for a similar price at Wolfie's.

To succeed in that location, they need to build a loyal following and to do that, customers are going to need to see value.

I may try it again, but it isn't near the top of my do to list. Mt experience is that people that cheap-out like this tend not to change.

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  1. Hey Otfoodie,
    I work directly across the street for the origional location on Torbram North of Derry Rd.
    I head across the street only as a last minute subsitute. They are without any doubt overpriced. A cup of soup, litterally "A CUP" ran me nearly $4.00 Outrageous. They have a great lunch cowd here on Torbram due to the fact there is nothing else around. Sandwiches are always fresh but to small, Fries are boring too...........

    1. I dropped by again yesterday and ordered a SM sandwich for takeout. This time, the sandwich was decently piled high, so maybe they are reading this board!