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Jun 12, 2009 08:15 AM

Thai in MSP?

My boss is looking for a good Thai restaurant to take his wife to tonight for their anniversary and I know nothing of the Thai places in the area. He specifically asked about a place south of the river, but frankly, I'm not sure he'll find much there. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Best thai in the twin cities, hands down, is at Bangkok Thai Deli on University Avenue in St Paul. that said, unless your boss (and his wife) have highly unconventional opinions of "anniversary dinner atmosphere" it probably is not their best option. Its in a sort of mall thing between a grocery and jewelery shop (when i say between i mean you can see into both from the seating area - they share the building not adjacent ones).

    I'm curious why someone would want something for a special dinner but not know where to get it, but that doesnt really answer your question so ill try to be slightly more helpful.

    I think the best combination of food and ambiance for Thai food in town is to be found at either Mango Thai (right off the corner of Selby and Dale) or Chai's Thai on Cedar Ave just off riverside. They are owned by the same people and both serve respectable thai food, even if its less authentic than BTD. In terms of the experience, both are small spaces that they have taken some interest in making aesthetically appealing - Chai's has cute bright paint job and non traditional plates/servingwear, while Mango is a bit more nieghborhoody feeling with some obviously ikea'd touches (but in a nice/designy way and not cheap/tacky way).

    1. There's almost as many Thai restaurants in the cities as there are Italian restaurants, so there's a pretty huge range of choices. My favorites are King & I Thai (awesome green curry with tiger prawns), Tum Rup Thai, and Roat Osha. Tum Rup and Roat are both in Uptown.

      1. I agree with tex.s.toast that BTD is the best "authentic" Thai restaurant in town.

        However, If you are looking for a Thai restaurant with good atmosphere, good drinks (I love their mojitos) and good food then King and I is a great choice.

        I have celebrated some special occasions there and never been disappointed.

        1. Spice is the only Thai restaurant I am aware of down in the Blaves. It's pretty good.

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            First of all...."Blaves"!?!? Burnsville, Lakeville, Apple Valley, Eagan, Savage?

            And it's too late for the OP, but....

            Spice Thai in Savage (near Burnsville border) is good. The Curry House in Burnsville on 13 at County 11 is supposed to be good, though I've never tried it.

            Ronin Sushi Cafe in Lakeville is outstanding and is likely to be the "Thai place people ask about" down there. It's deservedly getting chatted up. 1/2 the menu is Japanese/sushi and the other 1/2 is Thai.

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              Well played, acronym sleuth. I have not been to Ronin. However, to say the menu is 1/2 Thai is quite a stretch, if their online menu is to be believed. There are several noodle dishes, a couple of which skew Thaiward, and they offer curries, but I would describe it as a Sushi/Asian Fusion joint.

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                Fair enough re: the menu. I think your assessment is right on. All in all, it's very good food...I'd give it a try if you're nearby.

          2. IMO True Thai off Franklin in Minneapolis is always worth looking into, especially since they've expanded their dining room recently. I've never had a bad meal there and have celebrated some good times there...


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              I am far from a Thai expert, but I had a very good experience at Chang Mai Thai in Uptown.