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UWS, Sushi Date Place

Can anyone recommend a good sushi place on the UWS that would be good for a date too?

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  1. Haru, Citrus, Gari. there other sushi spots but i don't know them well. what type of atmosphere, price, how UWS you willing to travel?

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      just looking for something a little quiet, dark, and romantic...moderate price, great sushi. I love NEO but too bright. :)

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        I think Gari is a prettier room than that at Neo, not too bright, and I think the sushi is far better, particularly given the prices at Neo. When I've been to that Gari, it's been quiet and a bit dark. I haven't been to the Haru on the UWS, but not a huge fan of the one on the UES. Same w/ Tenzan, for what it's worth.

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          I haven't been to Gari, but I've been to both Haru and Neo with my SO, and I don't think either are the best date places. I can see Neo, maybe, but I found it expensive for what it was, and I'm not really into fusion sushi.

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            Gari is kind of fusion sushi, but , to my mind, if you are going to have fusion sushi, you might as well go to Gari! I do love it - just as I do Yasuda, but they are completely different experiences.

      2. Haru - Amsterdam 80/81

        Sushi Hana - Amsterdam 82nd/83rd

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          Seconding Sushi Hana...I think it'd be good for a date. Ask to be seated along the wall, not in front by the door.

        2. Momoya - Amsterdam 80/81

          1. Just went to HAKU on 89th and B'way the other night....very good and lots of people on dates there...although not very quiet.

            1. Citrus is pretty gross. They can't seem to get anything right. I'd do Gari or Momoya. Both nice, personal, great date places. Haru and Sushi Hana are too loud. Tenzan isn't a bad idea either.

              1. It's not a "real" sushi place, but I like Amber (around 70th on Columbus) quite a bit. The back room is pretty cool and they have a great green tea margarita. I think it's a bit more trendy than most sushi places which always strike me as very boring inside. That said I've been married for 10 years, so maybe my idea of a good date place is way off-base:)

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                  I've been to that one once, and to the UES one a couple of times (all times with my husband of 14 or so years - we're never sure these days). The dining room is quite trendy as you say, and they do have good cocktails, but for pure sushi experience, and decor, I still prefer Gari. One of the turn offs for me at Amber is the huge pieces of fish. I think we went when the place was just open for a couple of weeks, and the service was pretty spotty, but that may well have changed, of course. Amber is one of those places that I go to where the bill always ends up being far more than I think it should be.