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Jun 12, 2009 07:22 AM

Yeminite Food in Toronto?

Hello fellow chowhounds......

Does anyone know if there are any decent yeminite restaurants in Toronto? I am craving malawach, it's been years since I've had it.


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  1. Would it be served in any Yemeni restaurant? It seems to me that malawach is a Jewish recipe that, while Yemeni in origin, might be available on menus of Israeli restaurants or Jewish restaurants that offer dishes from various regions around the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

    1. The only time I've had malawach has been in Israel at yeminite restaurants, I hadn't thought of that.....
      I've never seen it at any of the middle eastern restaurants that I frequent. I will keep looking! Perhaps up north in Thornhill.

      1. I'd love to find a place that does Jachnun....

        1. The only time I've had it was at the Yemenite Step in Jerusalem. I've never seen it anywhere else. It's amazing with zhug, the super spicy yemenite hot sauce.