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Jun 12, 2009 07:08 AM

Glatt Kosher Kingdom 50% off entire store!

Just saw this on ->

"50% off entire store, through Friday June 12, 2 hours before Shabbos"

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  1. I heard last night, someone else will be taking over the store after the current ownership has finished sellig it's stock (which I heard the have a lot more still to get rid of)

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    1. re: berel

      Who would possibly want to take over a sinking ship?

      1. re: berel

        I heard it's Supersol who will be moving to the Kosher Kingdom location

      2. Went there today. was wrong, it was not 50% off the entire store, but a sizeable chunk of the store had the 50% (groceries i.e. items in boxes and cans). A bunch were in the 30% off catagory, I think paper goods and baby items. All items against the wall i.e. produce, meats, bakery, deli, dairy were excluded.

        I still made out like a bandit, bought $150 paid $75 :)

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        1. re: MartyB

 said that it *excludes meat, poultry, bakery, dairy, produce, pizza, sushi

          1. re: shoelace

            You are right! I cut & pasted what I saw but did not page down to see the rest!!!

            1. re: MartyB

              I wish I wasnt post surgery and stuck non-ambulatory. I could have saved a fortune on gum alone.

              1. re: MartyB

                Went last evening- selected items (like gummy bears) are 50% off. Muffin cups for baking were 30%...most of the item prices have been removed from the shelves, so you have to get items scanned if you're cost conscious. Additionally, the sales, as such, aren't anything special.

          2. From
            Up to 50% off entire store, through Friday June 26, 2 hours before Shabbos
            *excludes meat, poultry, bakery, dairy, produce, pizza, sushi


            Don't know how mch inventory is left. Like "Whitewater" said, prices were removed so check what price is after the 50% off. Last time I still got good deals, but without the 50% off the prices were excessive.

            1. Just got "The List". Glatt Kosher Kingdom has a full page ad that states "Coming Under NEW Management" and is having a Storewide Clearance.

              All frozen and dairy products 25% off.
              Candy department 30% off
              Salad dressings and spices 30% off
              All groceries canned goods, condiments, pastas, sauces, cerials and more 50% off
              Aisle 6 & 7: Home goods, paper goods, cleaning supplies etc 30% off - excludes baby items, drinks, and potato chips.

              Clearing out inventory

              Excludes produce and bakery
              Meat and takeout departments closed
              CASH sales ONLY

              Sale ends June 30

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              1. re: MartyB

                Day old bread seemed to be approximately 50% off.