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Jun 12, 2009 07:06 AM

Rowe Inn, Ellsworth MI

I’m headed to Northern Michigan for a weekend this month and would like to dine somewhere nice. My go to spot was Tapawingo, but it’s closed now. I was thinking about giving the Rowe a shot. Has anyone been there recently? Any other spots I should check out? I will be staying in Harbor Springs.

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  1. If you want a nice drive check out Lulu's in Belaire MI its about an hours drive. The owner/chef is CIA trained, the food is great and so are the prices. Also Hanna Bistro in Traverse City is also wonderful. The menu is eclectic and the chefs there started the local Slow Food chapter. Im from the Harbor Springs area and if you want to stay local I would recomend the New York which is right downtown Harbor Springs. The cuisine is contemporary American I hope this helps

    1. If yoiou are looking for something more upscale that's not a drive then I'd suggest Andante in Petoskey.
      Here's a link to another recent thread with a lot of suggestions.

      1. Every year we go to the Rowe Inn one night and Tapawingo the next. Tapawingo will be sorely missed. The Rowe is def. worth checking out.

        1. We would not recommend The Rowe Inn. This is the email that I sent to them. By the way, we ended up having a great meal elsewhere that evening.

          On Friday evening last, my husband and I decided that we would like to dine out on our last evening in the Charlevoix area. We had passed by your restaurant a couple of times in our travels around the area and thought that perhaps we would like to try it for dinner.

          We arrived, parked and walked up to the front of the restaurant. There was a party of perhaps 6 people dining ourside to our left. A woman, I assume your hostess or wife, came up to us...looked us up and down carefully, and scurried off to get menues saying that she knew we were looking for "lighter fare". To us, lighter fare means a less filling meal, to her it meant that we were not the kind of people that were your customers. She shoved the menus at us as we stood there. We were both stunned to have been treated so rudely and so, we decided to leave. We could hear her and the other customers laughing as we left.

          In these times, as you should know, you need all of the business that you can get if you are to continue to survive. Even the rich are feeling the pinch. Insulting potential customers is not the way to go anymore.
          We will be sure to spread the word. Word of mouth matters in a business.

          Marilyn and Paul Wilkie
          Dexter, Michigan

          1. Makes my mouth sing! We had a wonderful Butternut squash lasagne and pork, duck and apricot terrine. The Staff were very warm and fun. We loved our visit to the Rowe. I don't know how you could be disappointed.

            Rowe Inn Restaurant
            6303 E Jordan Rd, Ellsworth, MI 49729