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Jun 12, 2009 06:56 AM

First Time In Boston

Hi all! We'll be visiting Boston for our first time in August. We'll only be there one day (cruise ship) and will probably end up around the Fanueil Hall area for lunch. Looking for something relatively inexpensive (less than $25pp) and sit down (since we'll be walking all day) Any good suggestions?

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  1. Try Sel de la Terre on State across from the Marriott Longwharf ..French, relaxed and within your price range . A walk across the street from Fanueil

    1. I' work near there, and I'm a fan of Kingfish Hall (Seafood) and Wagamama (asian noodles/rice). Both have outside and inside seating.

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        you could take the 10 minute walk to the North End and try one of the pizzeria type places...Ernesto's, on Salem St., known for filling slices & a great selection of pizza toppings, or Galleria Umberto, inexpensive slices and aranci rice balls (excellent) are two of my favorites - you may have to wait a few minutes, but you can get a seat. Finally, Modern Bakery on Hanover for the best cannoli or Lobster Tail cream filled pastries - my favorite desserts of all time - (and that is a big endorsement!)

      2. I second adiosoven's suggestions - the North End is so close and there are so many good choices. I am a particular fan of Ernesto's - it's really a hole-in-the-wall but the pizza is excellent. Also on Salem Street are Rabia's and Antico Forno -- both very good, reasonable sit-down places. Antico Forno specializes in wood-oven baked pastas, pizzas, etc. I've had many excellent meals there. Hopefully it will be HOT in August (it's kind of cool right now in June) so make sure to get to one of the spots on Hanover Street for gelato.

        1. Thanks.. I'll check out the North End and see what our best transportation options are!

          Pizza sounds right up our alley!

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            It's an easy walk from Fanueil Hall to the North End. FYI. And I agree, Antico Forno makes a very good pizza. Just let it cool a little before you bite into it. Yes, I've made that mouth-burning mistake. Yowch!

          2. The visitors I've taken to Durgin Park have always enjoyed it. It may have the drawbacks associated with being an institution, but it's pretty neat, all things considered. Search the board for more info about what to order.