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Jun 12, 2009 06:28 AM

Lunch after Abita Brewery tour

Hi there! I'm heading down to NOLA next week and 1 day we're gonna be doing the Abita tour in Covington. We're looking for a great local place to eat near there after our tour. Any recommendations??

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  1. You could try Annadelle's Plantation Restaurant in Covington. I have not been to the Abita Brew Pub so I am not certain of the quality of the food.

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    1. re: ScarlettNola

      The brew pub food is not good. I think we went to Friends on the Tchefuncte last time we visited that area.

      1. re: mrsfury

        prefer Morton's in Madisonville over Friends. Friends may have some good drinks on their balcony, but the food is better at Morton's.

    2. In this last week's Gambit Ian McNulty talks about all the places to eat and drink along the Abita Trace. Pick up a copy or check it online.

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          I love the Abita Brew Pub! I would go there hands down. I usually get s shrimp poboy there, as they are surprisingly good! They have lots of good appetizers (fried artichoke hearts are my favorite) and depending on the specials, they are really good too.

          Annadelle's is nice, but definitely pricier than the Brew Pub. Very yummy food and kind of hard to find (I had a hard time finding it first time, maybe thats just me)

          I was told Morton's and Friend's closed! Are they still open??? I havent been over there in years but if they are, Morton's is great food. Friend's is good too, I just prefer Morton's.

          1. re: jmorri26

            Abita Brew Pub: Mediocre food at best.
            Annadelle: Very good, but pricey
            Friends: Very nice deck and great atmosphere...but food is just o.k. and it is VERY overpriced.
            Morton's: Again, just o.k. Not overpriced. Boring atmosphere.

            My favorite near there...actually it's in Abita: Camellia Cafe! Hands down! Everything there is good and it's very reasonably priced and nice atmosphere.

            1. re: nikinik

              Good to know. Thanks nikinik, my friend and I never know where to go when we're on the northshore. Last place we had some really good lunch food was at Vig Roux, but I couldn't tell you how to get there.

      1. The Dakota and Del Porto, both in Covington, would be great if you are doing a week day trip. Del Porto is closed on Monday. Both are closed lunch on weekends.