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Jun 12, 2009 06:24 AM

Best thai or chinese take out??

I'm in the mood for some good "asian" noodley food tonight:) Any ideas on where the best takeout/delivery is in the city? I could do chinese or thai, either way, as long as it is tasty and well made.

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  1. Bao Noodles (veitnamese and delicious)- you must also try their grilled porkchop and salt and pepper shrimp -2nd ave btwn 22 and 23
    Or you can go to Republic - Union Sq

    1. For Thai, I would think Rhong Tiam, Zabb City, and Wondee all do take out.

      For Chinese, Grand Sichuan or Szechuan Gourmet?

      1. You might want to specify your location, as a lot of delivery places have delineated delivery areas.