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Jun 12, 2009 06:22 AM

Need help for anniversary dinner in 2 weeks

Last year we had a wonderful anniversary dinner outside on the patio at Hamersley's Bistro.

I asked everyone's opinions this year and came up with the idea of Oleana in Cambridge but husband is not up for trying out their menu.

I booked Hamersley's again and now hubby says he wants to go somewhere else. I thought of Number 9 Park but I think that it is a little more than what we want to spend.

Thought about splitting our dinner between B&G Oysters and the Butch Shop - bad idea?

Any other ideas for nice restaurants in the South End, other areas of Boston or Cambridge?

We like italian, seafood, french.

Thanks so much.

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  1. Salts is intimate, with wonderful food and service, but still low-key and very comfortable. The other place that you might not think of is Dali's. A pitcher of sangria and a table full of tapas, with someone special, is just plain fun.

    1. I recommended Harvest in Cambridge to my brother and his wife for their anniversary a few weeks ago and they thoroughly enjoyed it. Also, Upstairs in the Square might fit your bill.

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      1. Both Pigalle and Troquet are worth consideration. Both are French inspired restaurants, while Pigalle is more romantic, I have preferred my meals at Troquet.

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          agreed about troquet.

          b&g and butcher shop are way casual, plus i've given up on them -- always feeling pillaged and pissed off when i leave.

          consider also prezza, mama maria, sorrelina and mistral.

        2. We seem to alternate between Hamersleys and Via Matta for our anniversary dinners. Another suggestion is Sasso. Haven't been in a while, but is appropriately upscale for the occasion.

          1. What comes to mind is Carmen's in the North End, which I find to be very romantic, especially on a nice summer night. I also like Sandrine's in Harvard Square. The chef is from Alsace, and they have a focus on traditional Alsatian and French cuisine.