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Jun 12, 2009 06:06 AM

cheap eats tour of greenwich/ west village--ideas?

when life gives you lemons, make lemonade or if all else fails, eat--that is what my husband and i have been doing since he was laid off a couple months ago--we have gone on cheap eats tours of the east village, chinatown, and hell's kitchen--i'd like to do one of greenwich village/ the west village too and would love some ideas--

i am familiar with many of the spots in the nyu area--m'amoun's (sp?), dosa cart etc. but had read about an indian sandwich place called aamchi pao that sounded interesting, as do the dark chocolate cupcakes at sweet revenge (though not that cheap)--baoguette also sounds good---i am open to any and all types of food--but would prefer it be portable, or easily eaten to-go -- am not really interested in sit-down restaurants or eating a full-meal anywhere.

thanks in advance

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  1. I've been meaning to try Aamchi Pao since I passed by. I am hopeful that the folks from Dévi can whip up the kind of authentic paratha rolls I miss from home. For other cheap eats check out:
    Super Hot Dog (the WV's answer to Crif Dogs)
    New York Hot Dog Company (Korean bulgogi hotdogs, more novelty than anything else)
    Tacos El Angelo (Pueblan taco truck on Christopher and 7th)
    Tacos El Idolo (Taco truck on 6th Ave between 3rd and Waverly)
    Sundaes and Cones (Argentinean ice cream)
    Hudson Falafel (decent kibbeh)
    Myers of Keswick (English pies, pasties, bangers and more)
    Pasticceria Bruno (my favorite in the Village)
    Taim (falafel)
    Baoguette (better value over Num Pang)

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      Sundaes and Cones is in the EV and is Asian. I think you meant just "Cones" which is on Bleecker Street and nearby Grom and L'Arte del Gelato and all those new frozen yogurt places.

      Patisserie Claude (croissants, tarts)
      Grey Dog Coffee (cupcakes, etc.)
      Amy's Bread (get a slice of cake or a sandwich)
      Murray's Cheeses (they have snack type items in front, their cheese sticks are good)
      Joe the Art of Coffee (pastries, cookies, donuts from Donut Plant)
      Blue Ribbon Market (sandwiches, etc.)
      Jacques Torres Chocolates (their cookies and ice cream are quite good, as well as the chocolate covered orange peels and malt balls and chocolate bark)
      Joe's Dairy
      Jack's Stir Brewed (great chocolate chip cookies)
      Birdbath (pretzel croissants)
      Joe's Pizza (split a slice)

    2. Hi there!

      I did a cheap eats food tour last summer through greenwich to east village -

      I went to :

      A. Kati Roll
      B. Peanut Butter & Co.
      C. Plump Dumpling
      D. S'Mac
      E. ChikaLicious Dessert Club
      F. Crif Dogs
      G. Caracas Arepas
      H. Dessert Truck

      basically i went with some friends and we ordered just enough at each place for each of us to get a couple of bites - ended up being around $15 -20 a person (depends on how many places you hit and with how many people) but it's a great way to try lots of diff foods. And anyhow - the first couple bites of anything are the best!!

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      1. re: YummyInTheCity

        Only A and B on your list are West/Greenwich Village, though. C through H are East Village.

      2. Hey, Could you post your tours? I am currently in the same situation and would like to try your recommendations.