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Jun 12, 2009 05:54 AM

Farmer's Market in Rockville Centre, NY

For those of you who went to the farmer's market in Lynbrook, NY it is no longer there. The market moved to Rockville Centre, NY on the corner of Sunrise Hwy and Long Beach Rd. It opened on Sunday, June 7th (7 am - 12 pm).

In addition to the regular vendors, the soap girl, the produce and fresh fruits, the baker, the seafood, olive oil, pickles and pasta guys there is an artisian baker, a meat/chicken, a spice person, a person who sells marinades.

The set up is nicer as all of the vendors are in a row. The parking is easier too. You can't miss it since it is right on Sunrise Highway!

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  1. I forgot to include the lady with the dog snacks and the wine people too!.

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    1. re: pward

      Was there earlier today around 9 am and it was quite busy.

      Stocked up on apples,quiche,donuts, cookies, and a strawberry apple pie ( sounded interesting) from the orchards of stop was a tray of four cheese ravioli from papa pasquales,and my final stop was terry's farm-3 ears of farm-fresh corn-was told "the rain was good for the corn" and a very large tomato.

      I havent tried the seafood vendor or the meat/chicken vendor yet.

      The artisan baker is the former orwasher's bakery in manhattan.I tried a sample;delicious indeed.

    2. What are the requirements to be a vendor at the market? Must you attend every single week?