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Jun 12, 2009 05:29 AM

Culina Millcreek

Went for lunch yesterday, to Culina Millcreek. Very enjoyable. 3 in our party had the steak sandwich, one had the seafood ravioli special and I had the wild salmon with orzo. Portions were a decent size and very flavourful. Service was good. Wine was marked up about 2 and half times what it costs in the liquor store. It was the first time we had been there, but I would return, maybe next time for dinner.

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  1. they have a great brunch on weekends too.

    1. Still have yet to try Culina... been on top of my 'to do' list for years! But my wife was there last night and said it was very good. Your comment about the wine mark-up is interesting, because she mentioned to me that they had an Aussie shiraz/cab blend called Shadows Run for $40, which we had seen on the wine list at Twisted Fork earlier in the day when she and I had lunch at Twisted Fork - only $26! Not sure what retail is (only time I bought it was in Aus...)

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        The bottle we had was a gewurtz from sumac ridge. I'm pretty sure I can buy it at superstore for around $14. It was $37 at Culina. I love those B.C. wines!

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          I am shocked Dan G, with all the places you review about that you have not been to Culina!! LOL. I love the place, but personally I actually like their breakfasts better than their dinners. Dinners are still very enjoyable, we just go more often for breakfast.

          BTW, what is the Twisted Fork? I googled it and came up with a place on whyte near the hospital. I used to work right there, so I assume this is new?

          Perhaps a review is in order?

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            Yeah, seems pretty wierd, and I'm probably the only one of my regular dining companions that hasn't been to Culina. I just seem to be busy most times anyone mentions it, and forget when planning myself.

            Twisted Fork is a new-ish diner/bar on Whyte, probably opened last fall. Great burgers, salad, soups, an amazing pulled pork sandwich. OK selection of beer at not bad prices (especially happy hour prices). And wines, as I said, with low markup. For example, Smoking Loon viognier which I love and pay about 16-18 in store is only 26. Not sure about the by-the-glass offerings.

            It's perfect for me, as I work at the south end of campus...cheaper and better than Earls for lunches and after work drinks.

            1. re: Dan G

              Like most (I think), I find Culina wonderful. Thanks for the extra thoughts about Twisted Fork. I've heard some mixed things and it's nice to hear some more positives!

        2. There is a entry in Liane Fulder food blog about Culina Millcreek

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            Was just there with pops for Father's Day Brunch. It was nice there, delicious brunch, no complaints.

          2. I've been there a number of times and it has always been good, save for the poor service once. Unfortunately, I haven't explored the menu much, as I always have the salmon with orzo - delicious!