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Jun 12, 2009 04:34 AM

Lobster purchased on Friday, eaten on Sunday?

Can I buy fresh lobsters and keep them in my fridge and cook them up on Sunday? Will they still be good or should I just buy the lobsters on Sunday?

I'm going to get the lobsters from a super duper fresh place on Friday, which wouldn't be open on Sunday.

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  1. I dont think you can keep them alive for 2 full days in an air tight environment (fridge). If you really want to buy them Friday you could cook them and then serve the meat cold on Sunday...thats the only solution I have...better though...order them to be delivered on Sunday!

    1. "Can I buy fresh lobsters and keep them in my fridge and cook them up on Sunday?"

      No problem at all. Wrap them up in some wet newspaper if you like or just put them in the fridge naked. If you buy Lobsters in ME for your drive home they are often wrapped in wet newspaper and then packed in a styrofoam box with ice packs. A few days in the fridge is nothing to worry about.

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        exactly. lobsters get shipped all over the world, and not via water tanks. they're like dinosaur spiders and far more sturdy than many people think. being cold in your fridge slows down their metabolism and activity level.

      2. oh yes, buy them, let them live in the fridge, say hi to them when you open the fridge, then cook them when u are read, even a few days later. you are fine.

        1. Just remember that refrigerated, the lobsters will act "asleep" and will get more active as they warm up...... although I put them directly into the pot from the fridge.

          1. I agree w/ the consensus. No problem. Seaweed is better than newspaper if you can get it.