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Jun 12, 2009 04:29 AM

ISO: Ground coffee that won't break the bank

I'm bit of a neophyte when it comes to coffee. Buying coffee out twice a day was becoming expensive so I recently bought a French press. I've found though that I'm not exactly saving a ton of money with the press, though the coffee is decent.

Could I ask that people recommend a good place to get coffee ground that tastes decent and isn't too expensive, ideally close to the College / Bathurst area? (Kensington?). I don't really want to pay much more than a dollar to brew coffee myself - otherwise may as well go back to doing it the easy way!

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  1. Go to Manic Coffee, which is at College/Bathurst (just east of Bathurst on the north side of College). You can ask them to grind the coffee for you - just make sure you tell them it's for French Press. You can always go out and buy a burr grinder in the future also.

    They sell a variety of beans from Intelligentsia ($9/half pound, $17/pound) and Origins ($8.50 and $16, respectively, if I recall).

    Talk to Matt or Chris about the flavour profile of coffee that you like (more robust, more mellow and subtle, etc), and they can suggest one of the blends they in stock. Intelli coffee gets delivered on Wedesday/Thursday, Origins on Thursday/Friday.

    1. My suggestion would be Moonbean in Kensington Market (30 St. Andews St)

      The coffee is roasted on site, the selection is marvelous and it is about a third less pricey than that big, pretentious chain from Seattle.

      1. I have been buying my coffee beans from House of Spice on Augusta in Kensington forever. The coffee is not roasted on site or anything else, but it is reasonably fresh, good quality and inexpensive. Usually between $7 and $8 lb., depending on how much I buy at a time, and they'll grind to your preference. Really nice folks - one of the originals in that neighbourhood.

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          I don't know if this is the same one. I go to the one on the south -east corner of Augusta and the street south of Nassau and north of Baldwin. They have Reunion coffee for about $8lb. The Ms. likes dark coffees and likes the Ethiopian and the Indonesian.

          Reunion is a good guy. He sold Boubon Coffeee to General Food or Mills and then started again
          I absolutely refuse to pay $15lb at second cup, Paradiso, which she sent me out for.
          But I do love her. I offered to eat raw beans beans and excrete them for her. She refused.

          1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

            I bought some San Agustin at Second Cup... 850 per 1/2 pound incl tax... ridiculous... and the instruction is two tablespoons per 170 ml of water... probably cheaper just to buy it brewed!

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              House of Spice is on the west side of Augusta, just south of Baldwin. It's mostly an Indian/Mexican/whatever spice store but has a rack of coffees just inside the door. I buy Carlos' Special Blend (also called Thai Blend) or Royal Blend. They're both dark.

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                  No - sorry. I probably should, but I don't.

          2. Thanks everyone, I figured Kensington was a good place, and great to have overview on prices as well. Manic coffee is great, once get better with the press maybe I'll go for a treat once in a while.

            1. Go to the Metro on College and buy their Eight O Clock Coffee, columbian, great cheap coffee. Rated by Consumers Reports as the best buy for coffee. I use it with my stovetop espresso and french press coffeemakers. Eight ninety nine a Kilo.