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Jun 12, 2009 01:33 AM

Keep the Monkey Cheeky - St. Paul

In the season of road repair, the Monkey needs our business. Super tasty spicy meat loaf sandwich!

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  1. Good reminder. I just suggested it to friends.

    1. Thanks for the hint to go to Cheeky Monkey.

      I finally made it there for the first time, and I *LOVED* the spicy meatloaf sandwich. It's a repeater. Mr. Tastebud had a nice turkey sandwich (good but nothing earthshaking) and an order of sauteed greens - kale with garlic today. Wow! Then we shared a piece of Tres Leches cake - quite nice; possibly the best version I've had in town (or perhaps tied with La Sirena Gorda's version).

      Note that the greens (and other interesting sides) aren't available until after 3 - the online menu doesn't specify the time limits. It also doesn't list the dinner items and daily specials (for example, the main dish special tonight is Mahi Mahi and sounds delish).

      The road construction is supposed to be finished at the end of this week - in any event, you can park half a block away, so it's not much of a hardship to get there. Me, I'll definitely be back!


      1. Neithr I nor my wife enjoyed the only meal we've had there. But places like it still add value to the community.

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        1. re: Brad Ballinger

          ditto - we tried it twice and we underwhelmed both times. But for those who enjoy - keep it up - i liked the atmosphere. keep the smaller places running.

          1. re: dc1515

            Can you guys at least explain what you didn't like about your experiences? Were you unimpressed due to high expectations? Was there something wrong with the food served? Did the food "just suck"?