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Jun 12, 2009 01:06 AM

Wagashi shops and japanese bakeries.

Does anyone knows if there are any high quality wagshi shops in Manhattan besides Minamoto Kitchoan. I'm also wondering if anyone knows any good japanese bakeries in the city.

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    1. re: notsochubbychubette

      is that a joke? Not a japanese bakery in any way whatsoever. And Chang is Korean.

    2. I posted Toraya earlier but didn't realize it closed...Sorry!

      1. Not sure of other wagashi shops, but you can count Cafe Zaiya as a Japanese bakery, their 18 E. 41st. location has the biggest selection. I'd say Panya too, but they closed earlier this year for renovations. Not sure if they've reopened yet... Other places you may want to check out Kyotofu and Luxee.