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Jun 11, 2009 11:47 PM

Best (or any) Hwe de Bop in Manhattan?

A long time ago, I discovered the joys of Hwe de Bop in my local Korean deli. They've since discontinued it, and I'm dying to have it again. (Menupages was no help with a recent search.) Anyone know where I can find the best available in Manhattan...or any, for that matter? K-town's an obvious possibility, but short of just going door to door, anyone have recs?


-J (GG)

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  1. Haven't had it in Manhattan, but Hwe DUP bop is the most common spelling for your search purposes.

    1. i like it at kang suh, i always go there instead of venturing elsewhere.

      1. Shilla (32nd st) has a good one that comes in a big wooden bowl, it feels clean and healthy.