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Jun 11, 2009 10:12 PM

Henderson and South Highlands areas in LV: any chow places?

Mean south of the Strip.

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  1. Here are a few nice out of the way finds in that area -

    EN SUSHI (2540 Anthem Village Drive). This is the spot that Mitsuo Endo came out from New York to open before he moved on to Raku, which is developing quite a following over on Spring Mountain. The menu still carries many of his influences.

    SETTEBELLO (140 Green Valley Parkway). Certified VPN pizza by people that take pride in what they do. Classic thin crust from an imported wood-burning oven, with well-prepared salads and a nice list of Italian beers.

    MI PERU (1450 West Horizon Ridge Parkway). Authentic Peruvian. Their grilled beef hearts make me wish they were much closer to my home.

    LEOMONGRASS CAFE (8820 South Eastern Avenue). Possibly even better than any of the Vietnamese places on Spring Mountain - nice clean, vibrant flavors from a chef that was born near Saigon, and operated a restaurant (along with her co-owner husband) in Alaska for five years before moving to the area.

    1. I would recommend Todd's Unique in Henderson. We went there for the first time on a trip to Vegas last month, had a wonderful meal and can't wait to go back!

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      1. re: Michelle

        You beat me to the punch.

        We were very impressed, and their wine program is quite good for so small a restaurant. Actually, it blew some of the LV heavy-hitters away on all aspects except for "view."

        Great restaurant.


      2. I will 2nd the Settebello rec. The owner's partner runs the one here in SLC and it is outstanding. And I love Omelet House for breakfast. Their special with parsnips and raw liver for $49 is to die for!

        1. give m resort a try - the buffet is decent, the steakhouse is above average, the coffee shop is better then most, the oster bar needed to work out a few kinks, the bake shop is also worth a looksy.

          The eastern corridor is taking a beating lately - starting at the fwy up to about silverado the closings include - the melting pot, steeles, white chocolate grill, makino, la golisita, most of the ice cream spots, BJ's just opened ( big deal ) the thai place ( name escapes me , is still open - it's ok. I like grimaldi's across the street. Someone told me that re tapas was closing but i haven't been by to verify.

          Settebello kinda let me down last visit but they tried hard to fix the problem - pizza undercooked if you can believe that, they comped me some vino - that was nice.

          todd's deserves another visit from me - i've been there twice in the last 2 years - i enjoyed it both visits.

          gee, i know there's more but i'm kinda brain dead right now.

          happy eating !