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Jun 11, 2009 09:44 PM

Very early breakfast around Shinjuku or Tokyo Stn

I'll be in Tokyo for a one-day business trip next week and am considering taking the night bus. Is there anything around Tokyo Station or Shinjuku open around 7am that's worth trying for breakfast? Preferably not a hotel, a Starbucks, or family chain restaurant, though.

I should add that it will be a Sunday morning which will probably make things more difficult.

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  1. That's a tough one, since usually the only places in Japan that serve breakfast are hotels, Starbucks and places like Denny-ya (as I'm sure you know).

    I don't know anything near Shinjuku. Near Tokyo Station though, there's a Dean & Deluca in Marunouchi, and Maison Kaiser in Nihonbashi. Ease Cafe in the Maru Biru opens at 7:30. (You should probably double-check the hours though before you go.)

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      Thanks! I checked their websites and unfortunately, none of them open until 10 on Sundays, but Dean & Deluca has a branch in Tokyo Station GranSta that has an espresso bar that opens at 7! I'm hoping they have little stools that I can sit at for a bit, but if not, I guess McD's or Starbucks will have to do!

    2. When I arrived in Tokyo Sunday morning it was raining, so I got off at Shinjuku at wandered around looking for something. I couldn't find any restaurants other than McD's and the like, so I settled for Starbucks (one of the places I wanted to avoid!).

      If anyone is ever stuck in Shinjuku at 7am, I would highly recommend the Starbucks at Marui Honten--you have to go through the doors by GROM and take the elevator up, but at 7am it's clean and quiet. I sat around drinking tea for 3 hours until Isetan opened and I could buy my goodies!

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        On my way to catch the narita express on Tues morning, I passed by a noodle bar and another restaurant in the basement of Shinjuku station (one of the levels underneath odakyu dept store) which had signs saying that they open from 6.30am, could be weekdays only though.

      2. When you get out of the bar at 6am or whatever, the only places to go are fast food chains for the most part; just head to Wendy's.

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          While I know you did not want to go to a hotel, I would like to recommend Shangri-La Hotel which has recently opened next to tokyo station. It is located about 500 feet past the starbucks on the Nihombashi bus terminal exit. It occupies the 27-37 floor of Marunouchi Trust Tower. Even if it is just for a cup of coffee, there are excellent views of Tokyo station which is amazing with 4000 trains a day...

          disclosure - I work there