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Del Mar Fair...$2 Tuesday tastings..new food items

Del Mar Fair starts tomorrow!

New Food Items..

Also, they are bringing back the $2 tasting at every food booth..info below.
Tuesday $2.00 Taste of the Fair
For you light eaters, or those who can't narrow down the list of foods you want to try, we are bringing back Tuesday Taste of the Fair. Each Tuesday, you can buy a taster's portion of a featured Fair food item for $2.00 at each food booth.

2009 San Diego County Fair will be 22 days, from Friday, June 12, through Sunday, July 5, closed two Mondays, June 15 and 22.

$2 tickets..only this June 16th at Albertson's..


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  1. I can't wait to try the deep-fried sushi.

    1. Heading out to the SD fair and besides air drumming to the 70's Styx act and drinking a couple of cold ones..anything new and exciting to eat this year?
      Love the fried zucchini and the grilled corn..turkey corn dog is great with a fresh lemonade at the kitschy Hot Dog on a Stick.
      Got any fair fav's?

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      1. re: Beach Chick

        Yep...me demonstrating tamales at 5:30 pm this coming Saturday

        1. re: DiningDiva

          We're doing some fun cheese pairings at the Slow Food thing on Saturday at 4pm. Is your demo in the same area - would love to catch it!

          1. re: mimosa

            Yep, I'm right after you in the 5:30 slot :-). I'm actually the Secretary for SF Urban SD. I was looking forward to catching your gig as well! One can never know too much about cheese

            1. re: DiningDiva

              Awesome DD..
              I like my tamales with lots of cheese and serrano chiles..dozen would work well for me and I'll bring the beer!
              I might have to try the deep fried Klondike..sounds so wrong that it must be good!

              1. re: DiningDiva

                bummer, we'll miss it--have reservations w/ friends at Okan that night....

        2. Deep fried butter!? I gotta ask, why?

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            1. re: Ewilensky

              The deep fried butter stand is right by the bridge that takes you out to the infield. This is also where the paramedic vehicles are parked. My SO and I were wondering if that was done on purpose. The name of the stand is Heart Attack Cafe, and I don't know if they are related to the Arizona place with the same name. We will be there on Sat, and we hope to last until mimosa and DD get on stage.

              1. re: littlestevie

                Practice your CPR in case the paramedics are busy. ;-)

            2. Going to the SD Fair this Tuesday...
              Doobie Brothers..cold beers and $2 Taste of Tuesday.
              Anyone been this year...what's good?

              Church of Chino's..is the corn ready yet?

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              1. re: Beach Chick

                I enjoyed the Deep-fried bacon, garlic battered artichokes and bacon-maple doughnuts before Weird Al.

                1. re: JRSD

                  Do you recall if that bacon was of the Tofu variety?
                  ; )

                2. re: Beach Chick

                  Going next Thursday to see Willie Nelson.

                  Larry Himmel did a piece on an older woman who has been operating a food stall at the fair for over 30 years. Two locations: 1 just as you come through the entrance and the other at the far end in the fun zone, she specializes in authentic Chicago Hot Dogs. Can't decide between visiting her or the new Pinks!

                  Husband always gnaws on either BBQ ribs (better than Phil's IMHO) or those big turkey legs.

                  We finally indulged in one of Chicken Charlie's infamous deep-fried items two years ago - the deep fried Klondike Bar. He ruined a perfectly good ice cream bar so I don't think we will be trying the deep fried Kool-Aid.

                  A friend recommended a dessert that I'm going to try: The Gingerbread Shop's Eton Mess pudding. It is macerated strawberries and raspberry puree with vanilla ice cream, meringue bits and whipped cream. I have passed this place so many times and never even thought to stop, but this summer treat will remedy that.

                  Have fun Chicka!

                  1. re: foodiechick

                    You gonna wear those kick ass red gorgeous boots to Willie?
                    Hope you'll be representing..

                    I have a couple of beers in the parking lot in front of the sign that says 'No Partying in the parking lot'..and then I'll have to check out the $2 taste on Tuesday..

                    Do you think they'll have the Birkenstock Food Trailer with the tie-dye serving tofu lollipops, hugging a tree and tasting like one food stand at the Fair this year?

                  2. re: Beach Chick

                    did Chino's yellow corn last weekend. I think b/c it's been so cold and overcast, that there hasn't been enough sun to sweeten them up. They were fresh but lacking in their usual sweetness. I'd wait another week or two to see if they improve.

                    Chino's did have fava bean leaves, stinging nettles and quelites. Their white nectarines weren't too bad after ripening on the counter for a day or two.

                    French strawberries are bigger than last year and coming into their sweetness.

                    Red raspberries were very, very good.

                    And if you want to try growing your own, they have raspberry and strawberry plants for sale.

                  3. Wait....you mean there are actually things worth eating at the fair? Do tell.

                    1. Going to the fair and whats the new fried thing this year?
                      Not that I'll be trying it..
                      I'm the same old same old chica.. a turkey corn dog, grilled corn on the cob and battered zucchini with a pint of stella.
                      Anything new I should try?

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                      1. re: Beach Chick

                        There are a couple of new things at the fair this year. There is a place seving up lobsters in the infield right next to the bbq place. 25 bucks for a one and a quarter pd lobster with a couple of sides. I think they also have tacos, a lobster roll and a slider. Chicken Charlies has some Haiwiian style chicken dishes. Next to Charlies, there is a guy selling everything bacon wrapped. I have not tried any of those offerings. The best thing was on the first Saturday a SD wine festival in the garden area. There were about 30 wineries pouring 2 selections. They were all SD wineries, no Temecula wineries. It was really nice and the wines were way better than I feared they would be. The crowd was a lot mellower than the beerfest guys from last weekend.

                        1. re: littlestevie

                          Wow...who would of thunk having pound and a half lobster infield for $25.
                          Gonna check it out maybe for a lobsta roll or taco.

                          1. re: Beach Chick

                            The roll was better than the taco.

                        2. re: Beach Chick

                          I don't think they're new, but the fried artichoke hearts on a stick were pretty darned good!

                          1. re: phee

                            good call phee...I've had them before and they were good.

                        3. Went yesterday around 5 and it was packed..
                          Had a $5 happy hour marg from the surly bartender at the Paddock and then headed over for the killer and best deal in town with the battered zucchini for 4 huge pieces for $6..great to split and you can make your own sirrachi ranch dipping sauce.
                          Chicken Charlie's was the big man on campus with all their famous fried stuff..didn't try.
                          Didn't get to the infield for that lobster roll.. : (

                          After a couple of hours of the fair, sadly, I can't wait to get the hell out of there and that holds me over till next year!

                          1. Went to the SD Fair yesterday..had a blast since most of the kids are still in school, not so crowded..
                            Happy hour at the paddock from 5-7 is a better deal than the $8.50 for a beer..yikes!
                            Tried the fried pickles with bacon wrapped..took that off and dipped in ranch/Tabasco..they need to be deep fried a little longer.
                            You need to take out a second from your home to eat and drink but dancing to REO Speedwagon made up for it..
                            Hit up Roberto's on Carmel Valley on the way home..delicious and had lunch at Americana Del Mar for lunch..great with ocean views from back patio.

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                            1. re: Beach Chick

                              Hey! We went yesterday too. Shoot, we could have met up.

                              We went for fresh cut fries and calamari with marinara to start the day. The fresh cut fries were good but the calamari was pretty forgettable. After some shopping around we flung ourselves into two cinnamon rolls with the "works." to DIE for. Missed REO Speedwagon but we did see the Herding Dog demonstration and the pig races.


                              1. re: Dagney

                                Dang, Dags, we could of meet up!
                                Could of bought you and the hubs a beer and watched the pig races.

                                It was a perfect day at the fair..

                            2. Give me some Huey Lewis, fried zucchini, cold beer and pet the animals and I'm a happy fair goer..
                              Maybe a ride on the zipper to spice things up..
                              Anyone been this year?

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                              1. re: Beach Chick

                                Yep, many times. The $2 Tuesday items are not much worth it...one piece of breaded fried lobster cube on a stick on the infield was quite tasty though.

                                You'd like the cauliflower sandwich, sold at Grinders in Plaza de Mexico. $9.50. Grilled cauliflower, sliced Granny Smith, arugula, cheese, garlic aioli, honey and that toasted bun. I've had four this year so far...trying to replicate at home.

                                1. re: Cathy

                                  Holy crap, Mother of God, this sandwich was outstanding!

                                  Squaw bread lightly toasted roll with garlic, roasted cauliflower, jack cheese, sliced granny smith apples with fresh arugula and drizzled with a aioli..

                                  I told Marilyn, the creator and owner of Grinders that she knocked it out of the park..she was very humbled and happy that I and others love this sandwich.

                                  1. re: Beach Chick

                                    Dispatching MrsName today to verify this claim.

                                    1. re: Fake Name

                                      Well . . .
                                      MrsName verifying with LexisNexis on the validity of the yummy sandwich claim.

                                      ; )

                                  2. re: Cathy

                                    Thank you for the rec, Cathy. That was one tasty sandwich!

                                  3. re: Beach Chick

                                    Been several times. Did the Taste of the Coast Wine Festival. As usual it was in the garden section of the fair, really nice place to walk around enjoying some wine. The following week was the beer fest, out in the dirt of the Del Mar Arena, maybe that says something about the difference between beer and wine drinkers. They did a really good job with the wine fest this year. Lots of different wines, from some good wineries. Last year it seemed like they had too many wines in the "woo-hoo" class. An added plus was your ticket included 3 food tastings. The food tastings were 3 different taco preparations. The winner for me was an uni taco, different but good. There was a VIP tasting as well, not really sure if it was worth it. The VIPs seemed to be sequestered in a corner of the garden area and I didn't know if they could walk around. I guess I would rather spend that money on more Tasti Chips.

                                  4. Huey Lewis and the News rocked it and was packed house.

                                    Shout out to Linda Z who runs the SD Fair..

                                    Bring on the ponies.